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12 Apr Trading Tunes with The Nights

Sydney three-piece The Nights have released their sophomore EP Beyond Desire, and it has some serious replay value. The Nights take meticulous craftsmanship cues from artists like Burial, Nicholas Jaar and Mount Kimbie, and impressively they could hold their own among those names. All three tracks on the EP have incredibly precise execution and wholesome electronic textures.

That said, their EP is versatile too. It suits sitting in your headphones on a train as much as blasting from speakers at a house party at 3am — it’s perfect for both a solo and a social listening experience. The fact that the band physically play the songs when they play live adds to the appeal of checking them out on their soon-to-be-announced Australian tour.

All six of their selected Trading Tunes tracks are songs I personally listen to on the regular. The band wrote us a note explaining their thoughts behind their choices.

“Songs that capture the crossover moments from late night to early morning. It’s a fine line between the two… a strange moment that is as disorienting as it can be grounding. That time is characterised by opposites. If you’ve been up all night, chances are that you’re going from a loud, active and highly stimulated experiences into a quiet, introspective state. If you’ve been sleeping, then reality begins to set in and thoughts begin to rush in. We feel the songs in this playlist capture that twilight moment in its various states. Whether it’s standing outside a club waiting for a taxi, laying on your bedroom floor with your eyes half open staring at the spinning ceiling, or waking up early to catch the first flight out of the city.”


Machinedrum – ‘Vizion’

Shabazz Palaces – ‘Are You… Can You…Were You? (Felt)’

Octo Octa – ‘Fear’

Tom Waits – ‘Swordfishtrombone’

Nicolas Jaar – ‘Three Sides of Nazareth’

Burial – ‘Ghost Hardware’


Marcus Rimondini

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