22 May Trading Tunes with Dianas

In 2015 Perth band Dianas caught my attention with the single ‘Of A Time‘, a track so good that I regularly throw it on in the car to this day. As I delved deeper into their self-titled debut album I discovered it was full of tight gems, so I was pretty excited when I heard that they had moved to Melbourne.

Now firmly established here, they’re gearing up for the release of their second album. The first single from which is a track called ‘Heart Of Me‘, which demonstrates they haven’t lost any spark since their debut LP. There’s a joyous feeling when listening to Dianas that the three band members genuinely enjoy spending time together — their chemistry is palpable and second to none.

Nathalie Pavlovic (Nat) from Dianas: “Feeling a bit nostalgic after finally releasing some new stuff, so I decided to go with songs that remind me of when we first started up as a band around 2010~2011, listening to these in our living room in Perth and dancing around. A lot of these bands were really inspiring for me, and I think listening to them around the time I was learning how to play guitar and bass it maybe shaped a lot of our sounds.”


Grass Widow – ‘Fried Egg’

Marnie Stern – ‘Transformer’

Vivian Girls – ‘When I’m Gone’

The Sandwitches – ‘Kiss Your Feet’

Best Coast – ‘Crazy For You’


Marcus Rimondini

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