15 Jun Trading Tunes with Chiara Kickdrum

One of last summer’s standout sets had to be Melbourne’s own Chiara Kickdrum when she debuted at Meredith Music Festival. On a night that featured King Gizzard, Sheila E and Mount Liberation Unlimited, Chiara still managed to be the talking point. In just one hour she demonstrated how to be commanding and concise within a sound that she’s very quickly stamped as her own.

It’s a signature sound that’s dark, focused and always in control, like a plane taking flight in the night and landing right on schedule, the only variable being the cities’ flickering lights. In a time when so many DJs are genre jumping to keep everyone happy, Chiara makes the audience come to her and I love it.

You can catch Chiara Kickdrum playing with DJ Kiti this Friday the 16th of June at the Dark Mofo & Red Bull Music Academy’s Transliminal event at the Hobart City Hall. Juliana Huxtable and Brooke Powers are also on the lineup. The fun begins at 10pm with limited tickets available on the door!

For her trading tunes Chiara Kickdrum choose the theme of Electro: “I love the drum programming and all the different layers of electro. One of the links I’ve chosen is actually an album, Aqua Team 2 by DJ Stingray, it’s a work in its whole and I think only works when you hear all the tracks together. These selections encapsulate the rawness and soulfulness of electro. It’s the perfect combination of human and the machine.”


Optic Nerve – ‘Another World’

Dj Stingray – ‘Binarycoven’

E.r.p – ‘Gallup String’

Morphology – ‘Subsurface Ocean’

Andrea Parker feat DJ Assault & DJ Godfather – ‘Freaky Bitches’


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter