06 Apr Trading Tunes with Blank Realm

One of our favourite Queensland-based bands Blank Realm are back in Melbourne this weekend, playing at The Curtin on Saturday night. Joining them on an incredibly stacked line-up are Jade Imagine, Dag, Lehmann B. Smith, Primo! and Hachiku. This show is for the launch of the Split Singles Club, a subscription service created by the beautiful people of Bedroom Suck Records and Milk! Records. Over the next three months subscribers will receive exclusive 7″ vinyls, each with two singles curated by the two labels and custom cover art by local illustrator Steph Hughes.

The build up for every Blank Realm gig is exciting, but to aid in the anticipation Dan Spencer (lead singer/drums) has written us some notes on a few of his favourite tracks from the bands’ continually updated playlist — which you can find in full at the bottom of this very page.


Bobby Brown – ‘Hawaii Nei I’ll Miss You (Israel Bound)’

“I could have picked any track off the album Prayers of a One Man Band. It’s truly a classic. Released in 1982, and recorded as Bobby Brown lived nomadically in his van with only his dog for company, Prayers is difficult to describe. Once you get past the strangeness of it all, and the multiple personality disorder vocals, it reveals itself to be a stone cold pop classic.”

Catherine Ribeiro – ‘Paix’

“Probably one of the most under-appreciated artists ever, Catherine Ribeiro has a deep back catalogue, but I think ‘Paix‘ is the pick. I will never get tired of this record. A masterpiece of eldritch psychedelic folk.”

75 Dollar Bill – ‘Beni Said’

“My most played record of last year. Addictive stuff. They are a two piece, and use a guitar and a wooden box for drums. Think Henry Flynt meets International Harvester, but in miniature.”

Dominique Lawalree – ‘Dimanche Pluvieux’

“A recent discovery for me, this record is also from 1982. Truly beautiful stuff, he almost released an album on Brian Eno’s label but it fell through.”

Pink Section – ‘Jane Blank / Shopping’

“I’ve watched this vid so many times. Just watch. It’s great.”

Blank Realm’s Full Playlist

Marcus Rimondini

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