05 Oct Trading Tunes with Shining Bird

The first song I ever wrote about on this site was ‘Distant Dreaming‘ by Shining Bird at the very start of 2013. I remember finding it on Triple J Unearthed, so I’ve been curiously following Shining Bird for a while now and I’m super eager for their second album Black Opal, out October 7th [via Spunk Records].

There’s something soothing about the bands’ temperament that is not only highly accessible and ideal for repeat listening, but they also have meaningful sentiments behind every song. Often it’s themes of Australiana, but unlike in the US, where Americana has been milked for all it’s worth, Australia could always use some new tasteful Australiana. ‘Rivermouth‘ and ‘Helluva Lot‘ have already been in popular rotation around the country for most of the year, but my favourite so far is ‘I Can Run‘, with its beautiful ‘staring-at-the-stars’ atmosphere.

Shining Bird sent us their five favourite solo and side project tracks for our Trading Tunes this week.


Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox – ‘Walkabout’

This collaboration is Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) and Noah Lennox (Panda Bear). Bradford’s music has such a distinct sound & feel, you only need to hear the first few notes to know it’s Cox. His interplay with loops, delay, & scratchy warped sounds creates a super interesting bedrock on this track for Noah’s vocals to float over.

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – ‘Comin’ On’

I only recently discovered David Kilgour’s solo work after an obsessed week of listening to NZ band ‘The Clean’ This tune is a standout, the melodies and sun-bleached guitar work is incredible. Another personal favourite is ‘Diamond Mine’.

Gareth Liddiard – ‘Strange Tourist’

I’m a huge fan of Gareth Liddiard and his detailed character driven lyrics. His solo record ’Strange Tourist’ is minimal in production, which in turn perhaps gives his compelling lyrics more sting.

Russell W – ‘Pastel for Alum’

A few years back our very own Russell W released the incredible solo album ‘Blue Moons and Happy Accidents’. Its a perfect example of how instrumental loop-based music can be so evocative and moving. This track is a personal favourite, and earlier in the year i had the pleasure to perform a selection of his album songs live, including this one.

Phanosland – ‘From A Different City, On A Lonely Bus’

Great tune by Phanosland from Sydney’s Solid Effort. Keep your eye on this one.


Oct 1st, 2016 Yours & Owls Festival, Wollongong – Tickets here Wednesday October 5th, Transit Bar, Canberra – Free show
Friday October 7th, Crown & Anchor, Adelaide – Tickets here Saturday October 8th, Cudgee Bar, Woomera – Free show
Sunday October 9th, Monte’s Lounge, Alice Springs – Door sales only Monday October 10th, Outback Pioneer Hotel, Uluru – Free show
Thursday November 3rd, Treehouse, Byron Bay – Free show Friday November 4th, Deadlam Festival, Brisbane – Tickets here
Friday November 11th, Gasometer, Melbourne – Tickets here Saturday November 12th, The Commercial Hotel, Milton – Tickets here
Wednesday November 16th, Newtown Social Club, Newtown – Tickets here

Friday November 18th, Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul – Tickets here

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04 Oct Trading Tunes with Jack River

Jack River, the newest signing to I OH YOU, is set to release her EP Highway Songs No.2 later this week (October 7th). Featuring ‘Talk Like That‘ and ‘Palo Alto‘, the EP was produced by Holly Rankin and Xavier Dunn, and mixed by Ben Allen (M.I.A, Cut Copy, Deerhunter, Animal Collective).

Jack River has a knack for vocal and instrumental hooks, and her confidence and stout-hearted approach grabs your attention without being overbearing or off-putting. She’s undoubtedly a mega talent, and before her tour later this month with Dope Lemon she gave us some of her favourite beach-themed tunes.

Jack River: Growing up beside One Mile Beach on the north coast, I spent every afternoon walking with my dog along the same stretch of sand” she told us. “I feel like I have experienced almost every emotion at that beach; first kisses, last goodbyes, my first swim and first surf, the lowest lows of winter and the sugar highs of summer and all the weird and wonderful things in between. The beach is often portrayed as a terribly happy place, but for me it holds the whole spectrum, and is especially important to me when I’m sad or feel strange. Here are 5 songs to take on your next trip to the sea!


The Drums – ‘Down by the Water’

Jack River: Oceanic lovesong #1. ‘If you fall asleep down by the water, baby I’ll carry you all the way home’ – this is one of my all-time favourite songs for its simplicity, space and seeming timelessness. It has that 50s swagger, a siq brass section and some 80s synths that seem to come in and out like a perfect 80s theme song. It reminds me of what Roy Orbison would make if he were a 17 year old in the early 2000s. I listen to this song on the reg to dream away into summery bliss.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Atlantic City’

Jack River: I grew up in a house of [Bruce] Springsteen played on repeat – my Dad literally doesn’t listen to anyone else. Every Springsteen song ever felt like it belonged to Dad – but then I heard this song, and it felt like mine. It has a kind of sad feeling to it, but a sense of home all the same. Whenever I’ve been in New York and miss the ocean, I listen to this song and imagine catching a train or driving a car down to Atlantic City. I still haven’t been to Atlantic City but when I do I can’t wait to walk along the boardwalk and listen to this on repeat… Or maybe this song’s magic is all in the longing? I don’t know.

Billy Bragg & Wilco – ‘California Stars’

Jack River: This is the late-night, lay your blanket on the beach with your lover song. Or the park in the carpark at the beach on a full moon and watch the waves song.

Peter Howe – ‘I’m Alive (Morning of the Earth Soundtrack)’

Jack River: The Morning Song. This is my favourite early morning beach song. Best listened to as the sun is rising and you’re walking over the track, and best listened to alone. Recorded in the ’60s by an Aussie guy called Peter Howe, it featured in the super iconic surf movie ‘Morning of the Earth’, set to swirling golden blue waves in ‘Straya and Bali. I’ve heard it is about the spray from the back of a wave – hence the lyric ‘delightful rain’. And, a flute solo. Say no more.

The Beach Boys – ‘Kokomo’

Jack River: Ohhh yeahhhhh. All these songs have been pretty sombre so far so to finish up I thought I’d better throw in my favourite badass balmy summer song. It even has a saxophone solo LOL. The Beach Boys don’t mess around with their beach songs & this is no exception. This song immediately transports me to best friend summer time LOL’s and Piña colada in Mexican themed bars and staying out late cause it’s too hot to sleep. P.S. Did Drake steal that intro for ‘Hotline Bling‘?


28th Oct, 2016 – The Triffid, Brisbane 18th Nov, 2016 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
11th Nov, 2016 – Metro Theatre, Sydney 23rd Dec, 2016 – Grow Your Own festival, Forster, NSW


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06 Sep Trading Tunes with Thigh Master

Brisbane garage band Thigh Master and their instant jam ‘Head Of The Witch‘ have been a Ripe favourite since 201, and having recently been signed with Brisbane label Tenth Court they have returned with strong single releases ‘Company‘ and ‘Canned Opening‘. Their upcoming debut LP Early Times is set to be released October 7th through Coolin’ By Sound (AUS/NZ) & Bruit Direct Disques (Rest of World).

Before they play this week at Bigsound 2016 in Brisbane, founding members Matthew Ford & Patrick Byron have sent us tunes from five of their favourite bands from five different Australian cities.


Brisbane: Blank Realm – ‘Reach You On The Phone’

Patrick: Best band in Brisbane ever? (Sorry Go-Betweens & Razar). I could have included so many of Blank Realm‘s songs here… However the film clip features many friends and a claymation telephone. Music for grown ups.

Hobart: Treehouse – ‘Stop The Ocean’

Matthew: I have a big ole soft spot for Treehouse. They were the first touring band that I organised a ‘proper’ show for in Brisbane after a couple years of putting on bands under my sharehouse. Thankfully that was the first of many times they have played up here, leaving me in awe every time. We all didn’t think they could ever top their Gathering The Dreams tape but did so with the new Centre of Their World tape.

Sydney: Dry Finish – ‘String Me Along’

Patrick: From the excellent Paradise Daily stable. The synth line is as equally great and annoying, which is a quality that should really be aspired to. If you don’t like this song you’re lost to me. Hopefully this lot can live in the same city long enough to make an LP.

Melbourne: Terry – ‘Hot Heads’

Patrick: Melbourne, so many great bands but these angels are right up the top of the pile. The amount of time we’ve joked about wearing matching ‘uniforms’ on stage… You watch Terry do it and realise you’re never going to pull it off.

Adelaide: Wireheads – ‘Dedication’

Matthew: Tenth Court started doing vinyl LP releases basically because of Wireheads, and they’re also why I have continued to happily run this lightly idiotic operation. Dom Trimboli is the songwriter of our generation and a tip top human being. This track is an anthem.


B I G S O U N D 2016
Sep 7th, 2016 – The New Globe Theatre @ 8:50pm Sep 9th, 2016 – Tenth Court + BSR Shindig @ The Haunt 7pm

Oct 9th, 2016 – Sunshine Coast @ The Time Machine Oct 14th, 2016 – Adelaide @ The Metro *
Oct 15th, 2016 – Melbourne @ The Post Office Hotel Oct 21st – Brisbane @ The Foundry *
Oct 22nd – Sydney @ The Union * *w/ Wireheads


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15 Aug Trading Tunes with APES

In this edition of Trading Tunes we had a chat with Benjamin Dowd, the guitarist and vocalist from Melbourne band APES, about his top 5 soundtrack belters from across the decades. Glide through Dowd’s favourite moments, as he sets the scene for tracks that not only complemented, but helped form the film’s that they accompanied.

Catch the APES and special guests Hollow Everdaze and The Football Club at the Gasometer Hotel this Wednesday for their August residency.
Tickets available from the Gasometer website.



Featured in: Fight Club

Benjamin: What a cap off to rollercoaster, ay. Who the fuck is Tyler Durden? What’s a fight club? How do I join? How do I tell my friends about it if I can’t talk about it? How do I get Brad Pitt‘s work out regime? Great song to cap off a great film. This was one of my first experiences with The Pixies (also Dustin Dollin‘s part in Baker 2 for all the skater geeks). Doolittle now resides in my top 5 albums of all time.


Featured in: Reservoir Dogs

Benjamin: Not sure if it’s the song, Vic Vega‘s effortlessly smooth moves or Tarantino‘s ability to make the most epic scenes time and time again. I’m sure it’s a combination of all of them. I can’t ever listen to this song now without picturing this scene. Whether that is a good thing or not I’m not too sure. What a tune though!


Featured in: Drive

Benjamin: This film is loaded with great music, kinda hard to top this one though. Just matches the setting so well and adds to Gosling‘s bad-assness. Really love the synth work in this. Was lucky enough to see Kavinsky back when I was a young fella at Parklife. I hear that guy gets his ferrari shipped around the world with him when he tours… Maybe that’s why he was interested in scoring this film. Maybe I’m drunk and have made all of this up and need to go to bed?


Featured in: Trainspotting

Benjamin: “Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players….”
Imagine if Trainspotting was a band and this was their album. Well it isn’t. But this is like The White Album of soundtracks. So hard to just pick one from this bad boy. I think this scene and this song just sync so well together. Genius stuff really! Hoping the sequel lives up.


Featured in: Stranger Things

Benjamin: Not too sure if this is all time worthy yet. But fuck, nothing has been getting me more jacked than hearing this lately. I think I binged this in about 2-3 days. I don’t tend to watch a heap of TV. Well in comparison to APES bass player Sam [Reale] anyhoo. He claims to have seen ‘every’ series out. Ask him about it! He’ll tell ya. But yeah! S U R V I V E Have killed it with this 80’s synth turbo nugget of a jam.


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02 Aug Trading Tunes with CC:DISCO!

In this edition of Trading Tunes we had a chat with Melbourne radio and DJ veteran CC:DISCO! – one of the most respected voices in the country when it comes to house and disco music. Between playing almost every festival in the country and hosting Smoke and Mirrors on PBS FM, she’s found the time to send us her five of her favourite ’80s tunes.

You can catch her alongside Funkineven, Damiano Von Erckert, Darshan Jesrani, Otologic, Edd Fisher, Jnett, Simon Caldwell, Babicka, Ben Fester, Prequel, Adi Toohey, Andee Frost and many more at up the upcoming Fuego Revolutions series of club events, presented by Bacardi in Sydney and Melbourne this month.
LINK: BACARDl Fuego Revolutions – 01 w/ Funkineven aka Steven Julien // Simon Caldwell B2B JNETT + CC:DISCO!


Richie Rome – ‘Deep’

“I love this record. Most people know Richie Rome from the being the man behind The Ritchie Family, but he was actually producing lots of other music under a couple of aliases. “Deep” has to be the pick from this record also titled Deep. It’s so ’80s with a full classical music style arrangement, then add some synth and a talkbox and welcome to the ’80s ay.”

Thelma Houston – ‘You Used To Hold Me’

“How about that time Thelma [Houston] turned around and ditched the disco for a bit and made AMAZING boogie. This has to be my favourite Thelma tune, the raw emotion on this matched with the sax is out of this world. A slow jam yes, but played at the right moment on the dance floor, it’s incredible in a club.”

Larry Heard – ‘Stars’

Larry Heard, basically one of the most influential producers of house music was always way ahead of his time. Larry, much like the Japanese producers from the late ’70s, early ’80s, was a leader in this field creating music you could release today. Timeless tunes. Larry was, and always will be known for being a pioneer of house music. From tunes like this to “What About This Love“, his depth in his productions are so inspiring, and you can hear real emotion in his music.

The System – ‘Almost Grown’

“Having only recently come across this record, this is a really good example of how broad an artist was in the ’80s. You got some songs sounding like Tame Impala, and then a bunch more sounding like they came straight from Larry Heard. Amazing record which is being repressed from Jamie Tiller‘s label Music from Memory.”

Kimiko Kasai – ‘I Felt Ya Glancin’

“Let’s end on the high note, a tune you will have stuck in your head for days on end with the ‘bow bow ba bow”. Recently in Japan, I was hoping to come across a few of these and certainly came back with two (just in case). UPBEAT as hell and it’s a joy to play out. “Ba ba baaa bow ba ba ba bowwww” Its fun, cheesy as hell, but a tune’s a tune right?”


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28 Jul Trading Tunes with Chook Race

In this edition of Trading Tunes we had a chat with Rob Remedios from Chook Race about their mammoth year ahead, and in turn he sent us some of his favourite music that has come out of Brisbane – befitting Chook Race’s sunny, garage sound.

Chook Race have been making multiple appearances in our weekly Ripe Guide to Australia’s Best New Music, and last week they made it to Number 2 with the release of their new, sensational song ‘Hard To Clean‘. With their new LP Around The House due to come out September 2nd via Brisbane label Tenth Court and US label Trouble In Mind Records, Chook Race are set for a big breakout summer later this year. Alongside their LP release they’ll also be touring the US from September to October, with one last Australian tour date in Melbourne before they fly off – find their tour date listing below.

Rob: I’ve never spent a great deal of time in Brisbane, but constantly find myself drawn to Brisbane music; from The Purple Hearts to Thigh Master and a whole heap of stuff in between. I think it probably started in Year 7 when I first heard Custard’sGirls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us)”… Has a song about unrequited love ever made you feel that good? I think not!


The Saints – ‘One Way Street’

Rob: An obvious choice perhaps, but if this doesn’t make you want to pick up a guitar and stomp around then I don’t know what will.

The Go Betweens – ‘Don’t Let Him Come Back’

Rob: What a hit. A great song with a great story. And a ripping little harmonica solo too. I also particularly enjoy the sound of this recording. Makes my ears feel good.

Clang – ‘Security Man’

Rob: Cheer up, mr security man.

A Leap In The Dark – ‘Samurai’

Rob: Who the hell doesn’t want to be a Samurai?! What a gem. Found this one via the marvellous Wallaby Beat blog, which seems to have slowed down these days unfortunately.

Custard – ‘Pinball Lez’

Rob: My favourite Custard song this week. Again, a great pop song and a great story; all delivered with a knowing smile. “The casinos are rigged to beat you!”


Sep 3rd, 2016 – Brunswick, VIC @ Record Paradise
Sep 19th, 2016 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle Sep 20th, 2016 – Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
Sep 21st, 2016 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog Sep 22nd, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA
Sep 23rd, 2016 – Boston, MA Sep 24th, 2016 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
Sep 25th, 2016 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool Sep 26th, 2016 – Baltimore, MD @ Wind-Up Space w/ Sauna Youth
Sep 27th, 2016 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Reanimator Sep 28th, 2016 – Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Power
Sep 29th, 2016 – Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest 13 Oct 5th, 2016 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
Oct 7th, 2016 – Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room Oct 8th, 2016 – El Centro, CA @ Strangers West
Oct 9th, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA @ Ham & Eggs Tavern Oct 10th, 2016 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
Oct 12th, 2016 – Seattle, WA @ The Highline Oct 13th, 2016 – Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
Oct 15th, 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records Oct 17th, 2016 – Lawrence, KS @ Eighth Street Tap
Oct 18th, 2016 – Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Oct 19th, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI @ Company Brewing
Oct 20th, 2016 – Hammond, IN

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01 Dec Trading Tunes with Hollow Everdaze

Hollow Everdaze have been floating around the scene in Melbourne for a few years now, so if you’re wondering why their SoundCloud account only has three songs to show for it, fair enough. Unfortunately at the start of 2014 most of their equipment got burnt or melted due to an electrical fire. In the middle of 2015, they announced a new album was coming soon, but nothing has emerged just yet.

Despite all these setbacks, there’s an intriguing amount of talent within Hollow Everdaze to keep us believing that, when they do finally pull it all together, it will be worth the wait. At the centre of the talent is the lead singer Daniel Baulch, who can write songs that Oasis would’ve loved in their prime.

While we wait for new material, have a listen to and a read of what may inspire their next release.

Cannibal Holocaust – ‘Opening Theme Music’

“I remember a friend bringing over the movie Cannibal Holocaust and really losing my shit when I heard the intro music by Riz Ortilani which was absolutely amazing! It really threw me off when I saw the entire film, as it turned out to be one of the most disturbing horror movies I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame the entire score was never put out on LP.”

Johnny Thunders – ‘She’s So Untouchable’

Johnny Thunders is probably my favourite artist. I’m not sure which version of this song I enjoy most, but it’s either the acoustic version on the Hurt Me album or the electric version on So Alone, which both are a completely different, but completely incredible, interpretations of the song.”

Au.Ra – ‘Talk show’

Au.Ra are a very underrated band from Sydney. They have just put out their debut LP Jane’s Lament and put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen in years.”

Wonderfuls – ‘Relapse’

Wonderfuls are two cousins – Robert Vagg and Dan McGirr. They proclaim to write songs about Australian small town communities, suburban isolation, emotional turmoil, personal and social issues and post-psych ward therapy. This track is called ‘Relapse’, from my favourite album of theirs, Salty Town.”

Joe Mckee – ‘Blue Valeria’

“Growing up, Snowman were one of our biggest influences. Their self-titled LP and final album Absence were both remarkable, and I really wasn’t expecting co-vocalist Joe Mckee to release such an amazing and underrated solo record less than a year after the release of Absence.”

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19 Nov Trading Tunes with Good Morning

Good Morning are a hazy, lo-fi garage rock band from Melbourne, who record as a two-piece in the studio and play live as a four-piece. The band consists of Stefan Blair, Liam Parsons, John Considine and James Macleod. It has been quite the debut year for the Good Morning, first releasing the seven-track EP Shawcross, then a two-single split with ‘A Vessel‘ and ‘Radiovoice‘, and then another two-single split with ‘On The Street‘ and ‘You‘.

After playing nine shows during CMJ Music Week in New York last month, they released their strongest song to date with ‘Cab Deg‘, which placed #1 in our first Ripe Australian Chart. The band are set to play Paradise Music Festival this weekend and are likely to break out this summer. Before then, check out their picks for Trading Tunes.

CREPES – ‘Size Of Your Town’

“Tim is such a good song writer, God damn. He’s like Neil Young getting a town hall kebab at four in the morning. In my mind that’s better than it sounds. They’ve been dropping excellent new songs here and there into their sets too, which coincidentally are getting better and better. So excited to hear what happens next.”


“Shameless promotion for our big dog Jesse Sattler. An Australian committing his daily life to tape in Washington D.C. It just sounds so wild. His drum kit is a box and a snare. His music goes from beautiful pop songs like this one to nine minute noise assaults, ’cause why the fuck not. Our band’s soul mate.”

TERRIBLE TRUTHS – ‘See Straight’

“I’d heard that ‘Lift Weights’ song around town for ages and never knew who it was and stumbled in on them playing it one night at The Tote, and have been in love ever since. They waste no time with fucking about, and are incredibly cohesive without ever being boring. Anyway, this album fucking slays, and they’re pretty much the best live band in Melbourne at the moment, if not planet Earth.”

JAALA – ‘Hard Hold’

“Actually, probably tie these guys with Terrible Truths for best live band on planet Earth. The drummer and bassist blow my fucking mind, and Cosi is such a commanding front person, holy shit. Makes me wanna go home and never try to make music again.”

THE DRONES – ‘Taman Shud’

“So insanely psyched for a new The Drones record, especially when the first song off it shoots them off in a whole new direction. Plus this bit of fucking wisdom from Gareth Liddiard is too good to be true:

“Why you think the whole world’s gotta be like you?
Fuck Western supremacy
I ain’t sitting around being Gallipolised
One man’s BBQ’s another’s hunger strike
Why’d I give a rat’s about your tribal tatts?
You came here in a boat you fucking cunt””

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11 Nov Trading Tunes with Jahnne


Jahnne is Sam Maguire, who used to play under the name Flash Forest back when he appeared at our Nevermind Festival in late 2012. Early this year he returned under a new name and proceeded to drop one of the most earth-shattering deep house tracks of the year, ‘Life In Irrational Fear’.

While we wait for new music from one of Melbourne’s sharpest producers – which we expect to hear soon, based on his recent upload of a sampler track named ‘I Miss You Too‘ – have a browse through a few of his recent personal highlights.

Friendships – ‘Pedal To The Metal’

“This song is ridiculous. It’s hectically live and intense, but pieced together so meticulously that no rhythm is compromised – really brilliant and severely underplayed according to SoundCloud. Also, it’s massive live.”

Mighty Boys – ‘Hippy Shakes’

Mighty Boys are a rad 7/8-piece, punk/pub rock act, and ‘Hippy Shakes‘ always goes off live. It’s essentially about getting caught off-guard at a bush doof and losing yourself. Check the film clip on YouTube for sure.”

Mol One – ‘The Real (Prod. The Oil Baron)’

“The Oil Baron is stupid good and Mol One is talented as hell – a well under rated MC. My favourite Oil Baron work is yet to be released – he’s got some dusty, sampled-based house/garage stuff in the works – but this one with Mol One is a real good representation of both their works.”

Lazertits – ‘Gender Studies’

Lazertits are five ripper people I’m fortunate to be mates with, and so fortunate that they agreed to be the guinea pigs for a uni recording assignment. I recorded this with two guys at uni, then mixed it in my crappy bedroom. It doesn’t do them justice, but it’s all they have online at the moment and they need to be heard, so it’ll have to do – you should see them live; mad fun.”

ALTA – ‘Tell Me’

“I’m a massive Alta fan; real slick production, a killer live show, and beautiful people. This isn’t one of their newer tracks, but I regularly get it stuck in my head as it sits in my favourite place in music – melancholic, but optimistic and danceable.”

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09 Sep Trading Tunes with Abelard

Abelard is an electronic artist from Melbourne who gained a little viral attention late last year with his Seinfeld meets the ’80s mash up titled ‘☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?‘, but he really caught our attention in March with his original single ‘Meta Valley‘. This week he dropped ‘Who Are You In Reality?‘, which you can bet will feature in this week’s top ten Australian tracks post. He calls his music Glitter-wave and there’s no denying the ’80s influences, yet there’s also no denying that his production chops are top notch. While we wait for more tunes from Abelard, find out what tunes inspire his Glitter-wave.

1. QT – ‘Hey QT’

“This single and video has been a long time coming and I’ve had it on repeat for months and months. I really love how this euro/bubblegum pop style is having a bit of a resurgence and turning into something more modern – it’s very tongue in cheek and self-referential, and a little bit punk in its hyper-consumerist commercialism aesthetic.”

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