22 Jan 100 Best Australian Tracks 2018

Apologies for the delay on this list, it turns out finding power outlets in the remote parts of Himachal, India was harder than I expected. But, better late than never, and it gave me time to really disgust all these tracks. In previous years we would usually post closer to 100 artists for variety reasons, but this year we’ve gone back to having up to three songs per artist. This way, the artists who shined the most this year get the appreciation they deserve. After all, lists like these are created so people can find new music, and when you see three songs from the same artist, that’s typically a sign that you need to really check them out. These lists can also create interesting conversations, especially when people disagree, because unfortunately not many music websites in Australia exist anymore, so it’s important that we still create these discussions, and highlight artists who are underexposed. The order doesn’t necessarily means #1 is worlds better than #100, it’s just chosen as a tone setting entry point. It’s up to you as to how far you want to dive into this list.

So, as we say every year. Thank you to all the bands, artists, managers, random people, DJs, venues, festivals, PR workers who send in music all year and make it much easier for us to track it all. We’ll continue to try and post as much as we can, as we get older and busier in the real world. I still enjoy it as much I did on day one, so that’s a good sign. If you want to see previous lists, I’ll have the links below. Hopefully you find something you enjoy and if you do, please go support them!

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100. Body Type – ‘Teeth’

99. Nylex- ‘Fascinate’

98. Julia Jacklin – ‘Body’

97. Wonderfuls – ‘Need You Here’

96. Good Morning – ‘Escalator’

95. Dog Futon – ‘l8 Bloomr’

94. Loure – ‘Needs’

93. Courtney Barnett – ‘Sunday Roast’

92. Roza Terenzi – ‘Out of My Mind (Jensen Interceptor Remix)’

91. Shit Bitch – ‘Royal Heady’

90. MOD CON – ‘Neighbourhood’

89. House Deposit – ‘Calder (demo)’

88. Karyme – ‘Angus’

87. Baby Blue – ‘Fire and Ice’

86. Arthur Miles – ‘Deep Bit (Demo)’

85. Greenwave Beth – ‘Love and Property’

84. Lisa Crawley – ‘You Got Me’

83. Kirkis – Dark Room’

82. School Damage – ‘Scump Damage 1’

81. Lehmann B. Smith – ‘Tropical’

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