16 Nov WINTER YORK – Loneliness & Art

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Every so often an emerging band comes along that produces a sound so well rounded it makes you stop.

Winter York is a young Melbourne indie rock ensemble made up of James Mackey, Steve Palfreyman, Madeleine Becker, Alwin Laysico and Jack Woodley.

Their second single ‘Loneliness & Art’ has been floating around the Internet for a week now and I’m super impressed by it. This track had me the second I heard Becker’s cello – textured, thoughtful and utterly beautiful. Vocals layered over the top switch from softly distant, to deep with empowerment and occasionally reach an intoxicating falsetto. Their lead guitar progressions are mellow and poignant. Finally, the whole thing is sewn together by a steady beat that gives just the right momentum to keep it from slipping into the overly melancholic.

I can’t wait to hear them live in action. They’ll be launching ‘Loneliness & Art’ at The Toff on Sunday 9 December. The evening, titled 4 Singles 4 Styles, will showcase the newest offerings from Winter York alongside friends Tanya Batt, Samuel Cole & The Mornings and Porcelain Pill. 

For more + Free Winter York downloads, visit their Triple J Unearthed Profile


Stef Italia