16 Dec The Ocean Party – ‘Black Blood’ (Video)

The Ocean Party from Melbourne have uploaded a video for ‘Black Blood‘ off their latest album Light Weight. ‘Black Blood’ is the album’s opening track, the lyrics describing the death of a horse of theirs, and their dream of riding it one more time – no doubt a metaphor for numerous other childhood nostalgias.

The video itself reinforces this as two of them live out their childhood dreams, one a dancer and the other a rock star. A picture of a yellow Ferrari Testarossa and a rather depressing pot plant are no doubt symbolic of their childhood homes; less clear is the purpose of the third band member who makes guest appearances in just his underpants, wiping sweat off the dancer and handing a guitar to the rock star. Perhaps his dream was to be a sexy assistant?

However deep you want to look into the song and video, the instrumentation in ‘Black Blood’ is a fine example of the level of talent and camaraderie present in The Ocean Party.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter