18 Aug Video Premiere: The Vacant Smiles – ‘Drenched’


Melbourne psych-garage band The Vacant Smiles have sent us their new video clip for the immediately exhilarating single ‘Drenched‘. Back in February ‘Drenched’ appeared on our radar and made it to #5 in our weekly playlist.

The single is from their second album You’re Not Really Here. It marked the return of The Vacant Smiles after a seven-month break while their singer was living in Amsterdam.

The video features a heavy montage of lo-fi shots around Swanston St, Flinders St and the Yarra River in Melbourne’s CBD. A man wearing a lizard mask, playing an acoustic guitar, drifts around the city late at night appearing both physically and mentally lost. While the scenario may seem like an unrealistic joke, the fact that barely anyone in the streets notices him, even with a camera following him around, tells you that this kind of behaviour is common in a city – an interesting commentary by the group.

The Vacant Smiles currently don’t have any live shows planned, but you can check out You’re Not Really Here over on bandcamp.


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter