12 Sep Video Premiere: Tam Vantage – ‘High Definition’

Last year the one-man do-it-all machine Tam Vantage (from Pop Singles and The Stevens) released the album Life In High Definition. This is a video for the opening track ‘High Definition‘, via the producer Matt Cribb (produced videos for Teeth & Tongue, The Ocean Party, The Newsletters), which is visually somewhat similar to the video for ‘Last Laugh‘ by Hollow Everdaze.

‘High Definition’ features a lot of white technology in a white room, with Tam Vantage dressed all in black, wearing a turtle neck and gazing down the lens of the camera (Robert Smith of The Cure style). He stares at the clock, grasps the radio, before letting out his frustration with modernism, stomping on the computer and destroying the technology. The video captures everything that the song is about. It’s almost too perfectly matching, leaving no room for surprises, but I won’t fault Tam for being a perfectionist.

Tam Vantage plays the guitar, piano, drums, synthesizers, bass and sings. His overall talent, combined with his consistently solid writing chops, makes him an artist with a lot of upside – and he’s currently looking for a new record label (hint, hint). Apparently he’s recorded his new album with producer John Lee (Lost Animal, Pikelet, Free Time) and with the right help, Tam Vantage will find himself a wanted commodity real soon.

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter