15 Nov Trading Tunes with Winters

It’s hard to put a label on local Melbourne producer Winters. Last year he was dropping graceful slow-jams like ‘Flying‘, now he’s back with minor-touch open house meets late ’90s lounge in ‘Sunlight‘. But it’s not Winters’ wide range of influences that make him interesting, it’s how he delivers every single tiny wave of audio.

Everything feels like calculated drops of water — or like a garden hose applying just the right water quantity to water pressure ratio. Clearly Winters has an ear, and the ability to execute his ideas. That and the way he evades being pigeonholed makes him very intriguing to follow.

On the 25th of November he’ll be bringing his live set to Earth Tones at the Fairfield Amphitheatre. The line-up also features Simon TK, Pjenné, Midnight Tenderness and Darcy Justice for only $15 dollarydoos. Throw in the lovely afternoon scenery of Fairfield Amphitheatre facing the Yarra, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Melbourne.

Winters has sent us some tunes in the fitting theme of ‘earth tones,’ enjoy!

Joe Mcphee
& John Snyder – ‘Shadow Sculptures’

“Interesting ’70s free jazz collaboration. Cool interplay between Joe Mcphee‘s organic instrumentation and John Snyder‘s cosmic synthesizer electronics.”

Sun Ra – ‘Springtime Again’

“Is there any music that channels earth (and space) tones better than Sun Ra?”

Yukata Hirose – ‘Humming The Sea’

“A lot of the ambient stuff out of 1980’s japan combined electronics with naturalistic sounds, like here, with field recordings of the sea and digital synths.”

Yoshiaki Ochi – ‘Ear Dreamin’

“Similar concept with this one from Yoshiaki Ochi. The name of the record, Natural Sonic, says it all.”

Bjorn J:son Lindh – ‘Boathouse Club’

“This one is a shout out to Fairfield Park Boathouse. My friend worked there when we were kids. Crazy record, too.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter