02 Feb Trading Tunes with Wet Lips: WETFEST Edition

Early last year the Melbourne garage punker’s Wet Lips caught our attention with their cracker EP, Wet is Best. Last month they released the scorching single ‘Can’t Take It Anymore‘ and now they’ve organised the third WETFEST, which is an awesome day festival set for this Saturday (the 4th of February) at The Tote. The line-up is stacked with local brilliance from top to bottom. To help get you pumped, Wet Lips have chosen five tracks below that’ll have you clicking on the ticket purchase link before the end of the first track:

“It was so hard to choose just five tracks by artists playing at WETFEST this weekend! Everyone on the lineup is awesome and has their own distinctive sound and live show. We are so, so excited for Saturday and hope this will help get you giddy for it.”


Bahdoesa – ‘I Want More’

“We have been fairly infatuated with Bahdoesa since they whipped the crowd into a frenzy at Girlfest in 2015, despite it being about 3pm. Rest assured they are playing at peak party time on Saturday night and we will all be boogieing to this banger ;)”

Chelsea Bleach – ‘Treading Water’

“This song breaks our hearts. Every time. Can’t wait to cry to this during at WETFEST. And then hug all members of Chelsea Bleach. And cry.”

Two Steps on The Water – ‘Baby and The Bicycle ‘

Two Steps’ 2016 album, God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye, blew everyone away. They have a truly distinctive sound centred around June [Jones]’s emotionally punk expression of alienation, vulnerability and fierce defiance.”

RVG – ‘That’s All’

“*chants* RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG, RVG *chants*. Seriously though Romy Vager is a uniquely insightful songwriter who has that rare ability to tell a universally compelling story with a subtle political point.”

Lucy Cliche – ‘Outer World’

“When we asked Lucy Cliche to play WETFEST, we thought ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen? She’ll say no? Probably.’ So we just did it and she said yes! We are so, so excited to see her wild set of outer-space techno this weekend. Butter yourself up, cunts. It’s going to get wet.”


Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter