15 Dec Trading Tunes with Wax’O Paradiso

It’s been another big year for the Wax’O Paradiso crew in Melbourne. Throwing parties left, right and centre and playing everywhere from the Fairfield Boathouse to the Collingwood Arts Precinct, RMIT to shows throughout Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. In other words, they haven’t slept and the parties aren’t stopping for Wax’O Paradiso, with a New Years Day set at Freedom Time in the Coburg Velodrome.

This year Freedom Time is also in Perth on New Years Eve and in Sydney January 7th, making it quickly the national festival for electronic music around New Years. Some of the artists on the tour include Larry Heard, Johnny Osbourne, Sassy J, Harvey Sutherland, CC:Dissco, Nai Palm, Sampa The Great, No Zu, Bradley Zero, Silentjay & Jace XL, Sassy J, Krakatau, and many more. It’s an amazing collection of international and local artists, hosted by people who understand how to create a friendly and fun environment for everyone.

Wax’O Paradiso have sent us their installment of Trading Tunes with a little comment attached: “Theme is Sassy Music for Sassy J who is playing on our stage on NYD.”

Freedom Time: Perth December 31st
Freedom Time: Melbourne January 1st
Freedom Time: Sydney January 7th

De De – ‘S & M (Sexy Music – Rated X)’

“Sexy music for the freaks.”

Ce Moi – ‘Just Give it up (Instrumental)’

“Killer dubbed-out boogie cut with a shimmering intro and attitude to boot. Goes perfect with a full size harp and a glass of the orange stuff.”

Magnifique – ‘Magnifique (Part I)’

“Fantastique cosmic disco that sits perfectly between the paradiso/dystopio divide. The question is, can u take it??”

Perfect Taste – ‘It’s over’

“Absolutely huge dub/street soul version of the Odyssey classic. Play it loud, rewind selectah, play it again.”

Blondie – ‘Rapture (Special Disco Version)’

“We’re fashionably late to the party on this one, soz about it. 10 minute version of Blondie’s Rapture. Not one, but two Debbie Harry rap verses to bookend the breakdown. Sass.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter