31 Oct Trading Tunes with Totally Mild

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of everything about Totally Mild here at RipeMusic. Since we first heard ‘Christa‘ in 2015 before the release of their debut album Down Time, we’ve been hitting the refresh button waiting for more Totally Mild material. Not only was Down Time an instant classic that’ll still be enjoyable in 10 or 20 years, but it set up a unique sound for Totally Mild to build from.

The first new single ‘Today Tonight‘ from their upcoming second album Her, displays perhaps what the lead singer Elizabeth Mitchell needed to do next – reduce the reverb a tad and take over the narrative reigns. ‘Today Tonight’ does exactly that, by putting her relatable personality and vulnerability in the forefront. It also helps that she has a very tight band around her, including Zach Schneider of Great Outdoors and Free Time. The guitars are crispier than fresh nacho chips and production overall sounds like a restored expensive vintage muscle car.

We have to wait until February 2018 to hear Her, but until then they’re playing a few shows in November (assuming there’ll be more to come around Australia) and the band have sent us a Trading Tunes with the theme of “Songs about loneliness!”.

Upcoming shows:
Friday November 3rd – Melbourne at Northcote Social Club with Sui Zhen, Lalić + Mystery Guest.
Friday November 17th – Sydney at Oxford Arts Factory with Gussy + Sachet.

The Reels – ‘(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All’

Zach: “This song is a cover but The Reels really own it. The twin peaks-y arrangement is kinda sterile and cold. David Mason’s weathered vocals feel so dire. Staying up all night because you are lonely and sad. Sleeping pills ‘not working’. The old image of sitting by the land line telephone, waiting for your lover who never calls. It might be harder to be lonely with smartphones, but I think we all still manage to get there sometimes.”

Beach House – ‘Saltwater’

Dylan: “I love the obscurity of the production. It is completely immersive and lulls you into a very personal space. The opening lyric “love you all the time – even though you’re not mine” is unrequited love at it’s bluntest. The song embodies loneliness to a tee, yet it never fails to be uplifting.”

Stevie Wonder – ‘Lately’

Liz: “This song perfectly captures the loneliness of knowing someone has fallen out of love with you but is trying to make it work. Stevie just loves his lady and he can’t contain his tears, knowing that she’s going to leave him.”

Peggy Lee – ‘I Go To Sleep’

Lehmann: “Ray Davies from the Kinks wrote this, which is sort of obvious from the bouncy phrasing of the words. I think those two-note guitar things in the chorus really cut through the heart, like little meows, little pangs of sadness. The bridge gets a bit Las Vegas but loneliness is not always a subtle beast.”

Divinyls – ‘I’m Jealous’

Liz: “I love how angry Chrissy Amphlett is in her delivery of this super angry/sad song. Why is she so mad at the new girlfriend? Shouldn’t she be mad at her lost love? Why is she mad at all? I think it’s a really spot on translation of the irrationality that can come with learning that someone you loved is seeing someone else, that ‘out of your mind’ feeling. Also the lyric ‘in my heart is a bloody tear’ is so perfectly emo, I’m obsessed.”

Marcus Rimondini

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