06 Sep Trading Tunes with Thigh Master

Brisbane garage band Thigh Master and their instant jam ‘Head Of The Witch‘ have been a Ripe favourite since 201, and having recently been signed with Brisbane label Tenth Court they have returned with strong single releases ‘Company‘ and ‘Canned Opening‘. Their upcoming debut LP Early Times is set to be released October 7th through Coolin’ By Sound (AUS/NZ) & Bruit Direct Disques (Rest of World).

Before they play this week at Bigsound 2016 in Brisbane, founding members Matthew Ford & Patrick Byron have sent us tunes from five of their favourite bands from five different Australian cities.


Brisbane: Blank Realm – ‘Reach You On The Phone’

Patrick: Best band in Brisbane ever? (Sorry Go-Betweens & Razar). I could have included so many of Blank Realm‘s songs here… However the film clip features many friends and a claymation telephone. Music for grown ups.

Hobart: Treehouse – ‘Stop The Ocean’

Matthew: I have a big ole soft spot for Treehouse. They were the first touring band that I organised a ‘proper’ show for in Brisbane after a couple years of putting on bands under my sharehouse. Thankfully that was the first of many times they have played up here, leaving me in awe every time. We all didn’t think they could ever top their Gathering The Dreams tape but did so with the new Centre of Their World tape.

Sydney: Dry Finish – ‘String Me Along’

Patrick: From the excellent Paradise Daily stable. The synth line is as equally great and annoying, which is a quality that should really be aspired to. If you don’t like this song you’re lost to me. Hopefully this lot can live in the same city long enough to make an LP.

Melbourne: Terry – ‘Hot Heads’

Patrick: Melbourne, so many great bands but these angels are right up the top of the pile. The amount of time we’ve joked about wearing matching ‘uniforms’ on stage… You watch Terry do it and realise you’re never going to pull it off.

Adelaide: Wireheads – ‘Dedication’

Matthew: Tenth Court started doing vinyl LP releases basically because of Wireheads, and they’re also why I have continued to happily run this lightly idiotic operation. Dom Trimboli is the songwriter of our generation and a tip top human being. This track is an anthem.


B I G S O U N D 2016
Sep 7th, 2016 – The New Globe Theatre @ 8:50pm Sep 9th, 2016 – Tenth Court + BSR Shindig @ The Haunt 7pm

Oct 9th, 2016 – Sunshine Coast @ The Time Machine Oct 14th, 2016 – Adelaide @ The Metro *
Oct 15th, 2016 – Melbourne @ The Post Office Hotel Oct 21st – Brisbane @ The Foundry *
Oct 22nd – Sydney @ The Union * *w/ Wireheads


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