21 Oct Trading Tunes with The Ocean Party

There’s no secret that The Ocean Party are one of our sites favourite Australian artists, practically everyone of our writers has or has wanted to write-up on one of their tracks over the past few years. It’s easy to understand why we are on the same page, when you check out their choices for Trading Tunes. Lachlan picked all the artists we love to cover or have already featured in their own Trading Tunes.

Last week they released their latest splendid album Light Weight and it’s packed with addictive little gems. You can buy it on the Spunk Records website. The hard working band are also in the middle of a massive Australian tour.

Remaining tour dates: Tickets
Saturday, 17th October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday, 18th October – The Time Machine, Nambour
Thursday, 22nd October – Finbox, Wollongong
Friday, 23rd October – Thyme To Taste, Yass
Saturday, 24th October – The Tote, Melbourne
Sunday, 25th October – Birdhouse, Wagga Wagga
Friday, 30th October – The Eastern, Ballarat
Saturday, 31st October – The Metro, Adelaide
Friday, 6th November – The Bird, Perth
Sunday, 8th November – The Newport, Fremantle
Saturday, 14th November – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Sunday, 15th November – Fresh Cafe, Launceston

1. Totally Mild – ‘Nights’

“This is my favourite Totally Mild song from their debut album Down Time, which came out earlier this year. Totally Mild are a perfect pop band, every person plays their roll and no one treads on anyone’s toes. Lehmann (bass) and Ashley (drums) perfectly hold the song together while Liz’s vocals and Zac’s slide sing to heaven over top.”

2. Cool Sounds – ‘Control’

“When I First heard ‘Control‘, I knew that Cool Sounds had arrived as a band. I’ve always loved Cool Sounds, but the darkness of ‘Control’ is unlike what most guitar pop bands are doing in Australia at the moment. It’s one of those songs where the music and lyrics fit together perfectly.”

3. Terrible Truths – ‘See Straight’

Terrible Truths are possibly my favourite band to watch live. It’s almost impossible for me not to move my body and I can be a pretty self-conscious guy. ‘See Straight‘ like most Terrible Truths songs, barely passes the two minute thirty mark and that is just fine by me. Their new album is out really soon and take it from me, it’s worth a listen or ten.”

4. You Beauty – ‘Same Damn Thing’

“I could have picked any You Beauty song, but as I was writing this list, this one was premiered and it’s a cracker. Jersey Flegg is one of my favourite local records of the past few years and if ‘Same Damn Thing‘ is anything to go by, their next one won’t disappoint.”

5. Blank Realm – ‘River of Longing’

Blank Realm seems to have a similar drive to The Ocean Party in regards to their songwriting, each record feels more refined than the last. ‘River of Longing‘ is my favourite track from their new record Illegals In Heaven and that’s saying something because the whole album is killer.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter