25 May Trading Tunes with The Finks

Melbourne do-it-all musician Oliver Mestitz AKA The Finks has just released his new album Rolly Nice via Milk! Records / Remote Control, two very reliable labels, so you know it’s worth a listen.

Across the album’s 11 tracks, Oliver delicately crafts songs perfect for calmly processing your thoughts the morning after. The album holds you like a loving snuggle, it’s nervous, but it wants to get close to you. Oliver lightly plays instruments intricately like The Sea and Cake or Real Estate. His recording to tape technique gives the album a Mac DeMarco twang. There’s even spoken word used on ‘Charlie’s Manifesto‘, that comes off politely and not forceful.

The less is more approach harnesses the focus of each song. Oliver isn’t trying to hide cooked ideas under unnecessary layers of sound, he knows that the heart of each song is important and avoids taking your attention away from it. ‘Cold Water‘ feels like a stream of consciousness, even though he likely took many recordings to nail that version. Oliver never makes you feel like he’s in a recording studio, but more a log cabin in a forest, or an empty beach house in winter — it’s very quiet around wherever he is. That’s why I recommended you listen to Rolly Nice in a quiet space, too.

I could go on, but I’ll let you interpret the rest of the album as you see fit. Here’s some words from The Finks about his Trading Tunes: “Over the course three albums, I’ve developed a few methods of avoiding the monotony of my own singing voice. Rolly Nice uses all of them: instrumental songs, spoken-word songs, songs sung by other people, and duets. These five songs are what I think about when I think about duets.”


Tour Dates:
Saturday June 16th at the Tanswell in Beechworth
Sunday June 17th at The Bridge in Castlemaine
Saturday June 23rd at The Grace Darling in Melbourne

John Prine – ‘Unwed fathers’

“I bought Aimless Love after I heard this song on a podcast about why country music is so sad. There’s a lot to like about it (the lyrics, the chorus-y lead guitar), but what really kills me is Rachel Peer-Pryne‘s vocals.”

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – ‘Je t’aime, moi non plus’

“These late sixties/early seventies Serge Gainsbourg albums have the most amazing rhythm section. If you’ve ever doubted that the Eiffel Tower was a phallic symbol, this video will set you straight.”

Times New Viking – ‘DROP – OUT’

“I saw Times New Viking play live in 2010 and I’m still talking about it. If I played loud music, I’d want it to sound like this.”

C.O.C.O. – ‘C.O.C.O.

“One bass guitar, one drum kit, two singers. They make it sound so easy.”

Mount Eerie ft. Julie Dorion & Fred Squire – ‘Lost Wisdom’

“I got to the end of this playlist thinking that there was too much American music, that I needed something Australian. But then I remembered this.”

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