10 Apr Trading Tunes with Sophiegrophy

One of the main arguments against recent Atlanta trap-rap is how the rappers are reproducing a successful formula that is considered ‘easy money.’ A chorus with few key distinct nouns, vocally flicking in with exclamation marks between every comma, like they’re a hype man with hiccup — silly, but serious and it gets the kids going like candy.

However, Melbourne rapper Sophiegrophy may have money on her mind but her tracks deliver verse-minded content, not just the money chorus. In fact on most sites, the lyric sheets read different lyrics entirely for each “chorus”. Sophiegrophy doesn’t shoot ideas all over the place, she’s focused on “Bag,” because she doesn’t want you to “be fucking with our bag.” You could argue that some of the lyrics are predictable, but those moments are used as lulls to a forthcoming lyric punch.

There’s no messing around with Sophiegrophy, she’s serious business and a business that’s about to make a lot of bags.

Word from Sophiegrophy:
“These are the 5 Songs that inspires me to never let any distractions come in my way of success and getting the bag & to stay jubilant and fly at all time. Each song has its own element whereby they all connect and form the characteristics of who I am, whether it’s fashion, loyalty, joyfulness, satisfaction & my alter ego they are all important aspects of Sophiegrophy.”

Techn9ne – ‘Like Yeah’

Skepta – ‘No security’

Jon Bellion – ‘Simple and sweet’

A$AP Rocky – ‘Fashion killa’

Lucky Dube – ‘Feel Irie’

Marcus Rimondini

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