30 May Trading Tunes with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

If you know me, you know I’m long time team Scott & Charlene’s Wedding passionate supporter. I’ll push this band privately and publicly until people actually wake up and realise how special they really are.

Their 2013 album Any Port In A Storm was a fantastic, vibrant and full of character LP, but it may have gotten lost within the current wave of other dolewave associated bands at the time. Even convincing other music nerds that this band was different and of the ingeniousness of lead singer and S&CW mastermind Craig Dermody was surprisingly difficult.

In 2016 they took their song writing and production to another level with the album Mid Thirties Single Scene. The song level craftsmanship across the entire album was head and shoulders above not just anything in Australia, but around the globe. The lyrical topics, vocal animations, variety of song structures and instrumentation interplay so perfectly are are so carefully considered, you’d assume they were one of the bigger and more vital bands going around. Unfortunately the album just never caught on outside of a small circle of lucky people, making me question humanity more than Trump being elected that year.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are playing at The Curtin this Saturday June 2nd for only $10, which is the craziest bargain since Costco. Peak Twins and Cyanide are also on the bill, and to get you excited the drummer Joe Alexander has sent us “Bands that I would like to play at my wedding“.

Tickets: Click Here

The Band – ‘Get Up Jake’

“I have a fantasy that a Band cover band will play at my wedding. In the fantasy it’s a huge bizarro morphing version of the Band which includes myself, the person/people I am marrying, friends old and new, and original band members. The lines blur between who is in the audience and who is playing, and we go on for hours and hours until they kick us out. I think it would be really fun!”

Native Cats – ‘Shovel on Shovel’

“Absolutely yes to having the best and saddest dance band in Australia play at my wedding. We could all cut a rug and it would be way more fun then that stupid Joy Division song by The Wombats.”

Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

“I know this is dorky but I really love Good Morning! They are a great band and we have shared some fun shows in strange places together. One of my fondest memories is singing along to ‘Cab Deg‘ at a show of theirs, I feel like we could absolutely get drunk and do this at my wedding and it would be a beautiful bonding experience for everyone.”

David Blumberg & The Maraby Band – ‘Gunzelman’

“A bit unfair as I also play in this band but you can’t go wrong with an 9-piece double drummer, double percussionist spectacular. I have also witnessed people go absolutely bananas to this band playing a cover of AC/DC‘s ‘Jailbreak‘ which would be fun, it normally ends in at least two people falling off stage in a moment of absolute and pure joy.”

NRBQ – ‘Magnet’

“I recently fell in love with this song and fell in love with somebody while listening to this song. I think this would have to be the grand finale of any wedding party I ever attend if I was to be the one getting married.”

Marcus Rimondini

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