11 Aug Trading Tunes with School Damage

On the 2nd of June the Melbourne band School Damage released one of the most addictive Australian albums this year via the always reliable local music label Chapter Music. The self-titled album is packed with immediately enjoyable singles such as ‘The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down‘, ‘Tall Poppies‘ and ‘Try Something New‘. It’s quite a remarkable album, that captures all the innocent vibes typically found on a memorable debut. Although, the four piece band isn’t entirely made up of rookies — Carolyn Hawkins is from Chooke Race and Parsnip, and Jake Robertson is in Ausmuteants, Hierophants and Frowning Clouds. That experience and new band enthusiasm bodes well throughout the album’s 13 tracks, which all feel fully fleshed out yet still remain raw and in the moment.

The band are about to embark on a semi-national Australian tour and have sent us their favourite sad songs of all time. Love it, enjoy!

Television Personalities – ‘A Life of Her Own’

Jake: “Nobody wants to grow up. Nobody wants a crappy life. The lyrics in this song are very hard-hitting, reminiscent of The Rolling Stones – ‘Mother’s little Helper‘, but it’s more than just the lyrics that are drenched in sorrow. The guitar in the 2nd verse kinda sounds like somebody crying. There is so much distance in this song, makes me wanna shed a lil’ tear.”

The Shangri-Las – ‘You Cheated, You Lied’

Dani: “The Shangri-Las have so many great melodramatic songs. Mostly about love and heartbreak. This song is less melodramatic than the others — really! Have you heard ‘Leader of the Pack‘? It’s sad in that uplifting way, acknowledging that something can be a cathartic release. Even though it’s sad –maybe desperate?! ‘Oh please try to love me / Love me like I love you’ — it’s still sassy. ‘Love is something you know nothing about.’ Yeah, take that you lying cheat!”

The Beach Boys – ‘Til I Die’

Jeff: “Realising how small you are in the grand scheme of the universe might be depressing at first. The way Brian Wilson conveys those feelings of insignificance and mortality gets me every time. Brian set out to recreate ‘the swell of emotions’ (surfs up!) he felt in the beach one night pensively pondering death. Take away a man’s sanity (and orchestra) and leave him to his own devices at home and this is what you get. Simple, honest, beautiful music.”

Kevin Ayers ‎– ‘All This Crazy Gift of Time’

Carolyn: “I don’t know if this song makes me cry from happiness or sadness, I think it’s both. It communicates something about the passing of time and life that I can’t put my finger on… the feeling of experiencing the past, present and future all at the same time, the feeling that life is long and short, big and small, the feeling of letting go of things but also, like, holding onto them forever.”

Nico — ‘These Days’

Carolyn: “Oh man. What an absolute doozy – a total tearjerker. Such a perfect, tragic, beautiful track from a really amazing album. The first time I heard this I was listening to Triple R while doing my year 12 Geography homework and I think my heart burst. Even after so many years of listening to this song, I still get a lump in my throat when I hear it.”

Friday August 18th – Melbourne @ The Tote w/ Terry, RVG & The Faculty Saturday August 19th – Castlemaine @ Sound Recordings w/ Leon & Permits
Friday August 25th – Canberra @ Lacklustre HQ w/ California Girls & Passive Smoke Saturday August 26th – Sydney @ Vic On The Park w/ Tim & The Boys and Sachet
Sunday August 27th – Sydney @ The Hollywood w/ Greta Now Friday September 1st – Geelong @ The Barwon Club w/ The Stroppies, Traffic Island Sound @ Bananagun
Saturday September 2nd – Ballarat @ The Eastern w/ Terrible Truths, Spotting & Tropical Snakes


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