15 Dec Trading Tunes with Roland Tings

2015 in Australia will be remembered by the domination of guitar bands. The one electronic artist who tried his hardest to dispute this claim was Rohan Newman aka Roland Tings out of Melbourne, who not only delivered by far the strongest top-to-bottom house album of the year, but arguably one the finest Australia has ever produced. Triple J even made it their feature album, despite Jamie Xx‘s being the only other album they picked this year that resembled house music.

Later in the year he did a mic drop with the release of the single ‘Hedonist‘; made his USA debut playing alongside the Future Classic crew; recorded a mix for Boiler Room; and, most recently, headlined the fantastic lineup at Paradise Music Festival, delivering the standout set of the weekend. In other words, he’s now ready to take over the Western world in 2016.

However, before he does that, he’s headlining a show at Howler Melbourne on the 19th of December. Tickets can be had here, and we can’t recommend catching this show strongly enough.

We have five tracks he’s been listening to lately, so have a listen and read his thoughts below.

Banoffee – ‘With Her’

“I just bloody love this song. Martha kills it every time; this is the first time I’ve heard her reference house music so clearly, and I really like it.”

Bronze Savage – ‘Waxed Apple’

“My long-time collaborator and partner in various/dubious creative projects, Bronze Savage. Bronze made this when we were living in rural Victoria in an old church in the middle of winter. It was very cold. Every day I would hear him making weird sounds on his bizarro collection of digital synths, but I couldn’t make much sense of it until he handed me this track. Who knows how he did it!”

Cale Sexton – ‘Error Scrap’

“I love this piece from Cale. It shows a huge amount of willingness on his part to dive deep into his sound, to understand every nuance of his equipment and shine light on little pieces of overlooked gold.”

Hummingbird – ‘Is There A Word For The Light That Falls’

“I was recently very obsessed with Hummingbird. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. Perfect pop music from Adelaide.”

Mall Grab – ‘Bone’

“I saw Michael Kucyk of Noise In My Head on the weekend and he asked me if I had checked Mall Grab yet. I had not. Now I have. Its inspiring to see people popping up all around Australia with sounds that are pushing club music forwards worldwide.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter