03 Oct Trading Tunes with Retiree

Matt Crowley, Tori Holleman and Marco Vella make up the Sydney soft-thoughts group Retiree. Late last month they released their new album House Or Home via Rhythm Section INT. An album about living in all kinds of conditions all around Australia in 2018. The most common mood is that of somebody waking up to reality and trying to come to terms with it, a lot of ‘morning sun straight in the eyes’ vibes.

Just where and in what condition you experience this process of thoughts is subjective to the listener, as Retiree don’t clarify noticeable specifics. You could be in the hot sandy outback, a tiny apartment in Hobart, or the Alpine Range. We all wake up at some point every day and try to process the all that is prior to it. This is where House Or Home is perfect. Retiree help you zone in on those thoughts. Weather it’s via the soft deep oozing during ‘Magic Eye‘, the slick sliding tones of ‘Another Day‘ or light dabs with blurred audible lyrics like pre-coffee morning confusement on ‘Line In The Dirt‘. The morning is where their minimal arrangements work the best, a time of day when it’s hard to compute too much information. The last track ‘Past Time‘ is a really effective and calming instrumental, that I’d like to hear them dig deeper into on future releases.

Retiree have four shows coming up. The Chippo in Sydney on November 23rd, Northcote Social Club in Melbourne on November 24th, El Grotto in Scarborough on December 21st and Si Paradiso in Perth on December 22nd. Until then they have kindly sent us their choices for Trading Tunes.

Theme: Dub Mixes
“We’re big fans of a well executed dub mix – an alternate mix of a track that takes a few elements or sections of a song & extends them, reimagines & rearranges them, usually with some of the vocals removed, taking it a step out of ‘song’ territory & one towards the club.
When the right elements are reworked it can shed new light on a song, like hearing a version from an alternate dimension.”

House Or Home album tracklist:
01. Migrate
02. Pumice Stone
03. Magic Eye ft Sui Zhen
04. Another Day
05. Line In The Dirt
06. Mystery Bay
07. House or Home
08. Past Time

Idjut Boys – ‘Kenny Dub Headband’

“From their LP ‘versions’ which is all remixes they’ve done themselves of songs from their record ‘Cellar Door’. The idjuts take the original slow, disco-y piece, chop it up, stretch it out & soak it in echo.”

Kindness – ‘SEOD (Zdar Dub)’

“Phillipe Zdar strips SEOD down to a deep deep bass and drum machines, then extends the piano outro, bringing the track to over 9 mins. Best listened to riding a bicycle at night or with some large subwoofers.”

Kassiry – ‘N’ne Menika’

“This doesnt divert too much from the original, but the echoey percussion & vocals switch it from the dancefloor to maybe the dinner before the party.”

Imagination – ‘So Good, So Right (Dub Version)’

“Paring a semi-cheesy funk track back & echoing out the vocals. Someone was playing the sends on the mixer here.”

Marvin Gaye – ‘I Want You (John Morales Extended Mix)’

“A classic reworked by a master remixer. Best listened to stretched out on a couch like Marvin singing it in the first part of this clip:”

Marcus Rimondini

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