17 May Trading Tunes with Press Gang of Zen Arcade (PBS 106.7FM)

The legends over at PBS 106.7 FM are in the midst of their annual two-week Radio Festival. While it’s not a music festival in the traditional sense of live bands and punters, it’s the most important two weeks of the year for PBS. They’re entirely non-for-profit, so to stay afloat they rely on support from subscribers — that is, anyone inclined to support great local music.

That’s obviously what we’re all about here at Ripe, so we assume if you’re reading this you’ll be inclined to become a member by clicking here.

Clare aka Press Gang from the program Zan Arcade is brilliant when it comes to pushing local music and pushing the boundaries. She’s kindly sent us some songs that remind her of personal break through life moments for this edition of Trading Tunes.

Press Gang: “As PBS FM’s 2017 Radio Festival is all about taking one small step towards being part of community radio, I thought about all [of the] small break through moments that happen in one’s listening life. The times that music kinda catches you a little unawares and gives you a little slap around the face. Not too hard, just enough to make you sit up and take notice. Now, life is taken up with quite a few of these moments (especially if you listen to a lot of music) so here are some that have had lasting repercussions for me.”


Delia Derbyshire – ‘Pot Au Feu’

Delia Derbyshire was a pioneer and an inspiration. Not only was Delia instrumental in constructing a whole new sound palate, but their work defined significant forms for experimental music that people still follow today. Delia is awesome.”

Laurie Anderson- ‘O, Superman’

“This track was featured on Rage extensively when I was growing up. I am not going to lie, it scared the hell out of me. Nothing about it was inherently terrifying as such, but the disembodied voice and robotic nature was seemly so dispassionate, and so contrary to the lyrics, that I found it deeply unsettling. The tune, defying all immediate reason, is really catchy and it pops back into your head when you least expect it. Ultimately, it’s a bit of a masterpiece.”

The Mo-Dettes – ‘White Mice’

The Mo-Dettes are one of those well placed, underrated bands that only released one album and disappeared into moderate obscurity. The band was formed by Kate Korris (The Slits, The Raincoats kinda sorta) and Jane Crockford (who wrote this particular track). The Mo-Dettes Drummer, June Miles-Kingston, played drums in Everything But the Girl and did backing vocals for Fun Boy Three. And yet, I only really know about them because they were on a weirdly expansive compilation that I found on the internet.”

Bikini Kill – ‘Suck My Left One’

“Pretty much every single Riot Grrrl band of the 90’s covered ‘Suck My Left One‘. It is entirely possible that I heard it 100 times before I heard the original. And it sounded like a giant, empowerment filled fuck you every single time. Being a youngster I didn’t realise how important having that kinda of energy would be, but it’s still an inspiring source of gumption.”

Peaches – ‘Fuck The Pain Away’

“Nobody was doing anything like Peaches when Teaches for Peaches was released. It’s like someone dropped a lit match into a petrol can of electro/punk music. People used it as their ring tone much more than you would ever have expected (due to lyrical content, rather than general tuneage). Still floods the goddamn dance floor. Not too bad for a collection of farting bass noises, over-enthusiastic hit hats and ribald lyrical content.”


Marcus Rimondini

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