16 Jan Trading Tunes with Lossless

LOSSLESS consists of two of Melbourne’s most natural on stage male performers, Oscar Key Sung & HTML Flowers. If you haven’t seen either of them live, you’re either living under a rock or haven’t been to Collingwood at night time. Moving past the fact that the two artists went to the same high schools, there’s a sweet brotherly love presence between them while on stage. HTML Flowers provides fire, while Oscar brings the cool ocean breeze, creating this beautiful natural tension.

This Thursday sees the Southern Comfort presents Southern Sounds, a summer live music series inspired by the spirit of New Orleans visiting Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane this summer. A wide range of artists consisting of Oscar Key Sung, Silentjay, Mira Boru, Samsaruh, The Slingers and D’Arcy Spiller will perform across four venues in Melbourne. It’s another great and diverse event, keeping Melbourne exciting and full of activity choices.

Lossless actually performed last week, but in the spirit of communal support, HTML Flowers has sent us five tracks he’s currently digging.

Southern Sounds events in Melbourne – Thursday, January 18:
The Night Cat: Oscar Key Sung, Silentjay (live) & Mira Boru
The B.East: Samsaruh
The Grace Darling Hotel: The Slingers
The Spotted Mallard: D’Arcy Spiller

Lil Zubin, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – ‘Overdose’

“I’Il still wanna be bad with you, even though you never really asked me to.”
When you stay up late, window open, naked in bed in the burning summer, looking at that text, that selfie from that person with whom you never quite quenched that crush. Drowning in a dream of them. Lusting summer nights. Wicca Phase comes in off a wobbling spectral synth, singing out of key and reminding me of my own heart, while Lil Zubin holds it down start to finish, singing like the embodiment of straight
lime cordial. “I might overdose on you.”

Eilish Gilligan – ‘Creature Of Habit’

“I think that you should know when I see a horoscope, I’ve been checking yours, and checking mine.”
I’m about to run out the door screaming, looking for strangers to fight, strangers who don’t live for Eilish Gilligan when she dips from high notes down to low notes in her narcotic voice. Honestly I am ready to go to war if you’re not supporting Eilish Gilligan, damn. Full offence. She creates fever dreams for earth signs and my Taurus rising can’t get enough.

HABITS – ‘Shame/Desire’

This track holds me up when I’m walking barefoot to 7/11 to restock my Red Bull supply in nothing but a very long t-shirt at 3am. I’m always working on some painfully personal project and listening to Angel croon “My insecurity isn’t cute anymore” before a club kick comes in to invade my fragile heart, helping me feel strong even though the world rejects me. Mohini appears like a ghost lost in a torrent of metallic violence to remind me that it’s ok to disappear into myself. HABITS’ debut album could never come to soon.

Ah Mer Ah Su – ‘Klonopin’

“I think that I might have a problem, but I still ain’t hit rock bottom.”
The synths talk to the drums in the same way your heart talks to your mind when you’re lost in a pill haze, knowing you have a problem but feeling so elevated you can’t feel disappointed in yourself. Last year, I started AA & this year I went clear of all drug use. I’m going to wake up early this summer & let Ah Mer Ah Su lead me into the sun. Not to forget but to remember and heal.

Uli K – ‘Airplane Mode’

I love the way this song is produced. The production niclas has made is so sensitive and minimal, yet feels full and has strong rhythm. This (in part) is because of the flow of Uli K’s lyrics. It’s so sick when a track can have a strong groove without drums. Songs like this which are made up of cheap sounding VST synths (like a beat clearly made on a laptop) and earnest naturally delivered vocal auto-tuned, to me are kind of like the 2018 equivalent of a simple song accompanied by acoustic guitar.”

Marcus Rimondini

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