29 Jul Trading Tunes with Loose Tooth

Fresh off a European tour with Courtney Barnett, Loose Tooth last week on the 3rd of August released their debut full length album Keep Up via Milk! Records and Remote Control Records. Loose Tooth are one of the Australian breakout bands of 2018 in the independent world. They’ve always been a likeable band that just needed a little tightening and Keep Up is evidence that the band are serious about perfecting their craft.

There’s this glowing attitude of a group that wants to lift itself off the floor and get on its feet throughout Keep Up. Lead single and one of the tracks of the year ‘Keep On‘ contains this innocent energy that makes you want to adventure and tackle the world. Loose Tooth use a contrast vocal performance between mild and energetic vocals to remind you of the difference and importance of a human tone. ‘You Say‘ is about trying to escape an endless hookup that’s going nowhere and isn’t good for anyone. Loose Tooth want to move to a positive space in life, they want to improve themselves. Even on ‘Asteroid‘, where the delivery is more subdued and conservative, they’re still singing about “why can’t we just relax”.

Loose Tooth overall managed to avoid sounding like bland garage rock or a washed out shoe-gaze band and it’s mostly due to their crunchy guitar hooks and punctual delivery. They aren’t masking lack of ideas, they’re full of them and it’s evident until the end of the album. Hopefully this album lands them on many festival lineups this upcoming summer.

Loose Tooth are playing on Saturday 25th August at Howler in Melbourne. Until then check out their trading tunes theme about female drummers.

Loose Tooth – Keep Up
1. Keep On
2. You Say
3. All The Colours
4. Butterknife
5. Asteroid
6. In The Morning
7. Will You Evolve
8. Bad One
9. Moonshine
10. You Want It
11. Miss You



The White Stripes – ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’

“This was the first song I ever learnt to play on drums. Nel and I played it at school assembly in yr 9 at our stiff private school. They didn’t know what hit them! Meg was probably the first female drummer that I ever knew and I loved her simplicity, plus the White Stripes overall ‘look’ really appealed to me then, too. It was great having a female drummer to admire. She was a good teacher.”

Cate Le Bon – ‘Whats Not Mine’

“Cate Le Bon’s Crab Day came out a couple of years ago and has been on high rotation since. I love it. It is an amazing album. This is the closing track. Stella Mozgowa from Warpaint plays drums for Cate Le Bon. I love the sound of the band, sort of rigid like a toy marching band, minimalistic but really interesting and abstruct. Stella plays crash cymbols for 8 mins straight in the outro. I can relate to this method.”

Dick Diver – ‘Head Back’

“I went to school with Steph and we shared the same drum teacher. She’s always been super talented and an amazing drummer and I really love watching her play. Loose but oh so tight. A good swagger I’ve always aspired to.”

Jen Cloher – ‘Analysis Paralysis’

“Song of the year last year! Jen Sholaki on the drums. What a machine. I could hang on this groove for 30 mins straight, and I have a short attention span! The themes aren’t so cruisey however – It really sums up the frustration and discontent that I’m sure many of us feel living in current Australia’s social & political atmosphere right now.”

Chasity Belt – ‘Drone’

“We love Chazzy B. We have played with them both times they have been to Australia, and we really admire each other! Gretchen plays drums and I love how you can get totally lost in the songs. Julia has an incredible voice. So distinctive and beautiful.”

Marcus Rimondini

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