13 May Trading Tunes with Leisure Suite: “Songs (and albums) we’re vibin'”

Melbourne electronic duo Leisure Suite are playing live at Boney tonight for Good Manners Weekly, followed by DJ sets from the likes of friendships, Darcy Baylis, Planete and The Harpoons.

For today’s Trading Tunes, Bridgette and Mitch sent us through a bunch of tracks that they are, quite simply, “vibin'”.


Smile More – Syd (from The Internet)

I have a huge girl crush on Syd, she has the smoothest vocals and this track is the best before bed track. Such a simple track driven by the chilled out beat and Syd’s silky vox – a match made in heaven.

Showin’ Off – The Karma Vigilantes

This type of music is probably what I listen to the most on a day to day basis, soul music is a huge inspiration to how I approach writing music and this is probably one of the best examples – improvised melodies and a very J Dilla inspired guitar sample, the end result could relax anyone.

All I Need – Noname

If I could rap, I’d want to be Noname, completely effortless in her delivery – her casual almost just talking way of rapping makes it so personal which I find really interesting.

Modern Soul – James Blake

I had James Blake’s album on repeat since its release and this song is one of my favourites, it’s probably the one track on the new album that sounds most like his earlier works where the focus is purely on Blake’s vocals and piano. It’s a beautiful piece of work.



Great Outdoors – Dad’s Oasis

I’ve always had a soft spot for jangly/melancholy guitar music, so I Found it hard to pick one song off this record, they’re all gems. Filled with beautifully layered textures and beautiful guitar tones, this has definitely been my favourite release of this year (so far).

Nearly Oratorio – Tin

Music from the man who can do no wrong! From I’lls to Kllo to this, everything he touches is always instant gold in my book. I wish I had one hundredth of his talent. Super beautiful stuff.

Ivan Ave – The Circle

This is a track taken from his debut EP Helping Hands (which is an amazing record) and also my favourite from this release. Ivan’s music was sort of a go-to for me when picking music at work which made me a little nervous before giving this a proper listen through. Luckily it’s a great record, beats are good, songs are good, all is good. Good good good.

FunkyJaws – Feel This Way

Oh Lorde that sample is super nice! I always get mad when I hear songs like this, like I wish I knew where to find samples that nice.

Broadway Sounds – Exclusive Love / Digital Influence

The perfect balance between funky, corny and coooool. If I’m being super honest, my old intern boss showed me Broadway Sounds last year and I didn’t think I could get into it. However the fact that I love them now must be a testament to their song writing and infectious melodies.

Brandon John

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