15 Jan Trading Tunes with Kult Kyss

With the music festival By The Meadow only days away from taking place, Melbourne duo Kult Kyss have sent us five of their current favourite tunes. If you’ve never seen them live, don’t think you’re out of the loop, By The Meadow will be their first live performance. Which is a little unusual, considering they’ve been uploading songs for more than a year.

Any debut performance can swing either way, from disaster to enthralling chaos. It’s hard to even know what kind of high-octane electronic music their full set will contain, but you know at least Kult Kyss will be coming in hot and heavy and ready to give it all they’ve got. And just to add to the pressure, they’re playing after GUM at 12:40am Sunday morning. I just hope the crowd knows it’s their debut set and forgives any miscues, but considering the warm appreciative crowds at the previous By The Meadows, I think they’ll dig what Kult Kyss are putting down.

Moderat – ‘Ethereal’

“This tune opens with so much promise and delivers every step of the way. A textural masterpiece featuring many different production styles all seamlessly transitioning into each other.”

Tampa, Adam Port & ME – ‘Muyè’

“This track gently coasted into the background one day and really captured my attention. A slow burner that achieves so many feels, but never tries too hard. A lot of nuance is achieved with some detailed automation, making the payoff really feel like it’s worth the wait.”

Icarus – ‘No Sleep’

“Damn I love this song. The sample selection & drum production are perfect. It’s so harmonically rich and the textures of all the elements fit together perfectly.”

Kidnap – ‘Birds That Fly’

“Love the kooky synth design in this track, it’s got quite a singular sound. I’m also a sucker for a cute sample, which this track delivers in spades. The drop is really sweet but it’s not gonna make your rinsed mate feel too hectic. I appreciate that in a drop.”

Rodriguez Jr. – ‘An Evidence Of Time (Claude VonStroke Remix)’

“A great remix featuring one of the best kick drums I’ve heard recently. Some really dank synths in there which up the rave cave appeal.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter