04 Oct Trading Tunes with Jack River

Jack River, the newest signing to I OH YOU, is set to release her EP Highway Songs No.2 later this week (October 7th). Featuring ‘Talk Like That‘ and ‘Palo Alto‘, the EP was produced by Holly Rankin and Xavier Dunn, and mixed by Ben Allen (M.I.A, Cut Copy, Deerhunter, Animal Collective).

Jack River has a knack for vocal and instrumental hooks, and her confidence and stout-hearted approach grabs your attention without being overbearing or off-putting. She’s undoubtedly a mega talent, and before her tour later this month with Dope Lemon she gave us some of her favourite beach-themed tunes.

Jack River: Growing up beside One Mile Beach on the north coast, I spent every afternoon walking with my dog along the same stretch of sand” she told us. “I feel like I have experienced almost every emotion at that beach; first kisses, last goodbyes, my first swim and first surf, the lowest lows of winter and the sugar highs of summer and all the weird and wonderful things in between. The beach is often portrayed as a terribly happy place, but for me it holds the whole spectrum, and is especially important to me when I’m sad or feel strange. Here are 5 songs to take on your next trip to the sea!


The Drums – ‘Down by the Water’

Jack River: Oceanic lovesong #1. ‘If you fall asleep down by the water, baby I’ll carry you all the way home’ – this is one of my all-time favourite songs for its simplicity, space and seeming timelessness. It has that 50s swagger, a siq brass section and some 80s synths that seem to come in and out like a perfect 80s theme song. It reminds me of what Roy Orbison would make if he were a 17 year old in the early 2000s. I listen to this song on the reg to dream away into summery bliss.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Atlantic City’

Jack River: I grew up in a house of [Bruce] Springsteen played on repeat – my Dad literally doesn’t listen to anyone else. Every Springsteen song ever felt like it belonged to Dad – but then I heard this song, and it felt like mine. It has a kind of sad feeling to it, but a sense of home all the same. Whenever I’ve been in New York and miss the ocean, I listen to this song and imagine catching a train or driving a car down to Atlantic City. I still haven’t been to Atlantic City but when I do I can’t wait to walk along the boardwalk and listen to this on repeat… Or maybe this song’s magic is all in the longing? I don’t know.

Billy Bragg & Wilco – ‘California Stars’

Jack River: This is the late-night, lay your blanket on the beach with your lover song. Or the park in the carpark at the beach on a full moon and watch the waves song.

Peter Howe – ‘I’m Alive (Morning of the Earth Soundtrack)’

Jack River: The Morning Song. This is my favourite early morning beach song. Best listened to as the sun is rising and you’re walking over the track, and best listened to alone. Recorded in the ’60s by an Aussie guy called Peter Howe, it featured in the super iconic surf movie ‘Morning of the Earth’, set to swirling golden blue waves in ‘Straya and Bali. I’ve heard it is about the spray from the back of a wave – hence the lyric ‘delightful rain’. And, a flute solo. Say no more.

The Beach Boys – ‘Kokomo’

Jack River: Ohhh yeahhhhh. All these songs have been pretty sombre so far so to finish up I thought I’d better throw in my favourite badass balmy summer song. It even has a saxophone solo LOL. The Beach Boys don’t mess around with their beach songs & this is no exception. This song immediately transports me to best friend summer time LOL’s and Piña colada in Mexican themed bars and staying out late cause it’s too hot to sleep. P.S. Did Drake steal that intro for ‘Hotline Bling‘?


28th Oct, 2016 – The Triffid, Brisbane 18th Nov, 2016 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
11th Nov, 2016 – Metro Theatre, Sydney 23rd Dec, 2016 – Grow Your Own festival, Forster, NSW


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