Trading Tunes with Jaala

18 Dec Trading Tunes with Jaala

Cosima Jaala performs as Jaala, who makes sporadic garage rock, that sounds scattered and unsure of where it wants to go, when in fact Cosima knows exactly what she’s doing. It sounds just like the thought process behind her favourite TV show Rick and Morty.

After growing up in Queensland, Cosima now lives in Melbourne. Earlier this year Jaala opened for Hiatus Kaiyote and dropped ‘Hard Hold‘, which generated some intrigue and buzz. Then on the 20th of November she released her debut album Hard Hold and it’s lived up to the high expectations.

On New Years Eve Jaala is having a party with Nai Pal and Sampa The Great at Boney in Melbourne, but before then, have a listen to her current favourite tunes and read which ice-creams they remind her of.

Good Morning – ‘Warned You’

“‘Warned You‘ by Good Morning is a track I get really angry with because it doesn’t go for long enough. Listening to this is like eating a Caramel Magnum ice-cream whilst getting a blow job by a hungry octopus.”

Totally Mild – ‘Always Around’

“‘Always Around‘ by Totally Mild is about a fair-weather friend; something I think we can all relate to. Listening to this song is like eating a Golden Gaytime whilst getting a back rub by a very relaxed monkey on Vicodin.”

Two Steps on the Water – ‘Thunderstorm for One’

“‘Thunderstorm for One‘ by Two Steps on the Water is heart wrenching song and heavily drizzled in syrupy beauty. I heard it on the radio the other day and it sucked some tears out of my eyes. Listening to this is like eating a Rainbow Paddlepop whilst an angel does a warm and delicate piss on your solar plexus.”

Reuben Bloxham – ‘Brine’

“‘Brine‘ by Reuban Bloxham is a well crafted little tune from a really talented musician. Looking forward to more music from this mysterious creature. Listening to this song is like sucking the last of the sweet juice out of a Callippo whilst swatting baby flies on a window ceiling above your bed.”

Gregor – ‘Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan cover)’

“The entire album UW by Gregor but especially the track ‘Lay lady Lay‘ which is a Bob Dylan cover. Gregor is strange and delightful enigma and you should really have a listen to his music. Listening to ‘Lay Lady Lay’ is like eating a Maxibon in a shitty Nissan Pulsar on the way to no where.”

Marcus Rimondini

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