04 May Trading Tunes with Jaala

Melbourne local artist Jaala released her latest album on April 20th entitled Joonya Spirit. It was recorded back in 2016 and plays somewhat seamlessly after Hard Hold. A few notable differences however is that it feels more focused, refined, gritty and overall a greater immersive experience. Now in 2018, that’s a really hard and impressive thing to pull off – because it’s the day and age of people just picking singles and adding them to their Spotify playlists.

Jaala has achieved through Joonya Spirit an album that you have to play from the start and ride out, otherwise you feel like you’ve cheated the process. A lot like reading a Wikipedia recap of a TV episode instead of watching the episode.
It feels like an almost flawless release, in fact setting the bar high for a lot of similar local releases of late. I’d really enjoy hearing Jaala take even more risks, be even bolder, and hopefully hear down the track a release that is absolute perfection.

The album can be bought as a vinyl package on the Bedroom Suck Records website with Hard Hold for $45, which is a sweet birthday/Christmas/Easter – name your holiday – gift for anyone.

Alongside the release of her album, Jaala came up with five tracks for us that “make me feel good (in a bad bitch way).

Spacegirl Gemmy – ‘Kamehameha’

“Watch this space- Gemmy is gonna be a big star. This track is fire and Slug Christ‘s feature is impeccable.”

Queen Of This Shit – ‘Quay Dash’

“I had the honor of seeing Quay play at the Gasometer recently. This song changed my life.”

Andy Garvey – ‘Club Music’

“Can’t stop listening to this. It’s funny and makes me shake ass.”

SIMONA – ‘Breakfast of Champions (Various Asses Remix)’

“So much vibe in this track. Big fan of Simona and VA <3″

Lossless ft. Ah Me Ah Su and Html Flowers – ‘Fools’

“My fave group to see live in Melbourne. Apparently it’s a love song to ecstasy.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter