26 Feb Trading Tunes with Hoodlem

Hoodlem are an electronic soul duo from Melbourne, who are releasing their self-titled five track EP on March 26th. The EP features the track ‘Kintsugi‘, which caught our attention at the start of the year with its compelling vocals, sexy bass guitar, and overall detailed arrangement for what’s typically a vocal-centric genre.

If you’re a fan of anything from Erykah Badu to The Harpoons, then start following Hoodlem. Until their next show, have a read and listen to some of their current favourite females making electronic music.

Shura – ‘2Shy’

“Love this girl, love this song. Such a great hook. Listen on repeat for a bit of feel good.”

Billie Black – ‘I Don’t Need Another Lover’

“I love her versatility within her own music. This song is my favourite of hers, such a good croon and so much subtle attitude.”

Sorcha Richardson – ‘Petrol Station’

“I am in love with this song. It is so sweet and her accent is beautiful. Will loop around my head for hours.”

Sophia Black – ‘Vibration’

“I was initially looking for another song of Sophia‘s to play you called ‘Over Again’, which I love, but it looks like it’s been taken down. This song I still dig, it shows off her style really well. Super pop and RnB vibe with a bit of French in there.”

NAO – ‘Bad Blood’

“Been obsessed with NAO for a while now ever since her first single came out. I was driving when I first heard this song and I started losing it. So much groove, love the production, love her vocal. I can’t stop listening to it.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter