01 May Trading Tunes with Honey 2 Honey

The new A Taste Of EP by trio Honey 2 Honey is one of Chapter Music‘s most recent releases and its four tracks feel like a forbidden exploration of a large prop warehouse. It’s dark, but not scary. It’s a little creepy, but also harmless fun. It’s silly, but only as fun as your imagination. It’s not always easy to understand exactly what’s happening throughout A Taste Of, but that’s often when life is its most stimulating, when humans can’t look away until they understand what’s happening. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it didn’t stop Honey 2 Honey from releasing a mix and matching of ideas that others would only keep in a secret folder on their laptop. Deep stern vocals like John Maus, minimal foggy atmospheres like Dirty Beaches and snippy keyboards with nicking hi-hats like Gang Gang Dance. By the time ‘Colony Music‘ rounds out the EP, you’re certain that they’re teasing you, and that they must have many more tracks and ideas than just these four in those secret laptop folders.


EP Track List:
1. Tone Of Voice
2. Under the Hangar
3. 4
4. Colony Music

Honey 2 Honey are based in Canberra and Sydney, but you can catch them in Melbourne on May 4th at The Curtin with Simona Castricum and Waterfall Person. Until then, they’ve sent us a Trading Tunes with the theme of “touching music”:

Bill Withers – ‘Use Me’

A Bill Withers classic, this song and this performance in particular is a masterpiece of restraint — they are all literally sitting down — nothing showy about it. There is not one note that is out of place, no part of the performance is overstated. Cool, collected and raw as. Amazing.”

SWV – ‘Anything’

“This is the intro track to SWV‘s album Its About Time. It is much more restrained than the rest of the album (which is also fantastic). I really love the repeated vocal harmony which goes behind the lead. The whole thing is just sultry and smooth. The final repeat when everything but the vocals and drums drops out — magic.”

Fafá de Belém – ‘Aconteceu Você’

“This is a song by Brazilian singer Fafá de Belém. I just google translated the title — apparently it means ‘You Happened’. Pretty nice, huh? The beginning of the song is just perfect RnB and then it goes high funk drama. The video is cool, too.”

Holy Balm – ‘Clandestine’

“This is a song by our label siblings Holy Balm. I think this song is pretty amazing. The lyrics are sincere (potentially to the point of irony) and beautiful, and musically the song performs the trajectory of its band — from post punk wonk to thumping vocal house classic. Emotion, groove, and a sprinkling of comedy — perfection.”

India – ‘To Be In Love’

“This clip is incredible. The energy of India and crowd is pretty off the charts even before she starts singing, and when she does it is just mayhem. H2H love a diva. Not much more to say — just watch the clip.”

Marcus Rimondini

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