04 Jul Trading Tunes with Holy Balm

Holy Balm caught our attention last year when they released the singles ‘Fashion‘ and ‘Clandestine.‘But similarly in how I came to fully appreciate No Zu, it wasn’t until I saw them live (at Paradise Music Festival) that I really gathered what makes Holy Balm stand out. Holy Balm are combination of modest self-belief with the meticulous attention to detail and the ability to perform together as one solid entity.

Being signed to Chapter Music is a also reliable indication that it’s worthwhile checking out the artist. I suggest that the first step in exploring the music of this band would be to check out their album released last year, titled Activity. Then enjoy the Activity remixes posted above. Then their selections for Trading Tunes, and then ultimately go check out their live show.

Holy Balm chose to go with the theme of “wet things, water or washing” for their trading tunes this time round.

Launderette – ‘Vivien Goldman’

“This song has a very infectious groove and really beautiful, dynamic production – but what I (Anna) like most is the space in it. Vivien Goldman was a music writer before she put down a demo of this track in one afternoon, and only made seven odd others. It’s good fun – can’t walk past a laundry without ‘seems like I can’t get away from you’ popping into my head.”

Syracuse – ‘Liquid Silver Dream’

“Galactic contemporary French ‘blossoming lover’ disco. A classy edition to any endless dancefloor. An impressive live act, but sadly they have recently ceased working as duo?! This 10 minute opus is WELL worth every droplet.”

HOUSE OF DAD (Andras) – ‘Water Diviner’

“From a curious release by Andras under the name ‘House Of Dad’ dedicated to his father who is a plumber. Contrary in tone to previous work – we see a more inquiring and humorous dimension to his creative output. An interesting exploration of music, melody and metaphor.”

Drexciya – ‘Bubble Metropolis’

“Amazing Detroit duo whose entire premise was centred around the afrofuturist myth of Drexciya – an underwater city populated by unborn children of pregnant African women who were thrown off of slave ships; who had adapted to breathe underwater in their mothers’ wombs – an idea adapted from a text by Paul Gilroy. Part of the Underground Resistance crew. Such cool techno with serious intrigue.”

Martha & The Muffins – ‘Echo Beach’

“Canadian post punk, popular here in Oz and in the UK too. Heard a gorgeous rendition of this one at karaoke recently with some mates of ours – top sing along. Hits a nostalgic beach/end of summer vibe even if you didn’t grow up on the coast. “

12″ Activity Mixes Launch Dates
Saturday July 8th – Melbourne @ The Tote Hotel w/ Various Assess + GlamouRatz Saturday July 15th – Sydney @ Gaelic Club 2/ Enderie + Matthew Brown + Try [Tickets on the Door]

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