26 Sep Trading Tunes with Habits

I was working with a sound technician the other day, who had seen Habits by accident at their show with Friendships in July at The Night Cat. He couldn’t stop raving about how immersive the show was, and even wanted to relive it via the footage we shot. It was all a reminder for me that Habits are amazingly still relatively unknown, even in Melbourne, among sound technicians, despite blowing minds every time they perform live.

Speaking of performing live, their single launch for ‘Shame/Desire‘ is on the 28th of September at The Curtin with Huntly and Sexistential Waterfall. ‘Shame/Desire’ was our track of the week last month, but don’t just take our word for it – listen and enjoy above. And below you can listen to Habits’ six ‘ultimate dev breakup songs’.

The Irrepressibles – ‘In This Shirt’

“This fucken song. Those strings when they climax is a goddamn punch in the heart. We stumbled across this when we were queer babies and the Anohni-esque vocals and tender orchestral arrangement have haunted us ever since. Simply describing wearing a shirt left behind by a lost love is such an effective vessel for exploring the deeper complexities of those feelings.”

Nils Bech – ‘A Sudden Sickness’

“This one captures the feeling of jealousy, insecurity and/or remorse of being the one who chose to end the relationship. The sudden hot, tingly uncomfortable feeling of being devastated. ‘I drink to get numb/to shut you out’ — literally name a more relatable lyric. To start a new beginning independently post break. We’ve been completely obsessed with this album, and finding a visibly queer Norwegian performance artist-cum-singer, since his album ‘Echo’ came out in late 2016 which is full of the different stages of breakups.”

Kwabs – ‘Perfect Ruin’

“‘Who said we had it all, ur hearts no longer lie’.
It’s a break up song in the wake of a relationship that was supposed to end. Kwabs captures that feeling where you know you’re wrong for each other but you still can’t help feeling sad about the situation and curious about how it could have gone.”

Rowland S Howard – ‘Shut Me Down’

“One of my (Mo’s) fave Rowland tracks, it had me from the first sad strum of the guitar and the repetitive pining ‘I miss you so much’. It has the defeated loneliness that you feel in the middle of the night, the song equivalent of that hurt in your heart and stomach. One of my favourite homegrown songwriters ever.”

Adam Tensta ft. Sibille Attar – ‘Let Me’

“This one forces you into reality. This track is about when you’re too raw to be rational. Maybe one day we’ll be friends but for now, don’t tell me about your new man and I won’t talk about myself either. That bassline itself is a ‘goodbye’ bassline.”

Jennifer Hudson / Dreamgirls – ‘Let Me’

“The ultimate. The everything. A desperate and hopeless plea for a lover to stay. An iconic drag queen number. Our favourite karaoke song. In this version Jennifer Hudson is a goddess and this performance gives us chills even after countless listens (and watches). Some people think musicals are bullshit and that’s their problem because this song is a healing and electric emotional tidal wave.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter