28 Sep Trading Tunes with Good Boy

The Brisbane band Good Boy caught our attention last year with the infectious track ‘Poverty Line‘ and it’s rushing guitar lines and down-your-throat vocals about not wanting to work a normal job. That could come across as lazy, but these three gentlemen clearly have some serious work ethic if they’re capable of producing music this tight. Good Boy proved this year with ‘Braap‘ that they might be the modern old-Grinspoon; less nu-grunge, more dolewave. While that might not sound like much of a compliment, bands that give you head[-]shaking energy, while not making you feel like a 15 year old brat again, have value in today’s current music market.

If you’re curious to see if the enigmatic recordings translate to a live setting, Good Boy are supporting The Orwells at The Gasometer along with Press Club tonight (28th of September). This is part of the monthly Red Bull Sound Select events.

To get you pumped about their show, Good Boy have sent us five songs that they listen to before playing. If there’s free Red Bulls, your heart may explode.

Wolf Alice – ‘Giant Peach’

“I only started listening to this band about 6 months ago but I haven’t stopped since. The guitars in the introduction are enough to get me hyped for a gig. I also listen to this song whenever I’m at an airport. I don’t really know why at airports specifically.”

Death Grips – ‘I’ve Seen Footage’

“I think Charles from Flowertruck gave me this one. This introduction of this song triggers me as soon as I hear it.”

Trust Punks – ‘Good Luck With That’

“Rian got me on to this band and I’m gonna take this opportunity to thank him for that. Cheers mate. This song fucking rules. Listen to it once and you’ll find yourself going back for more.”

Title Fight – ‘Chlorine’

“Another band that Rian got me onto. Thanks again man. Just listen to the guitar riff and you’ll know why this songs gets me goin’.”

High Tension – ‘Bully’

“Another band that I’ve recently started listening to. This song (and the video clip) is bad to the bone. Listen to this track before a show and you’ll be rarin’ to go.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter