04 Feb Trading Tunes with Gold Class


Gold Class are a post punk band from Melbourne consisting of Mark Hewitt, Evan James Purdey, Jon Shub and Adam Curley, their tight and intense live shows comparable to those of Savages. The band only started jamming together at the start of 2014 and last year they released their well-received debut album It’s You.

The album’s ten songs were recorded in just four days, which explains how the band managed to keep the energy high and not sound overproduced. The album highlights include ‘Furlong‘, ‘Life As A Gun‘ and ‘Bite Down‘. It’s still very early days for Gold Class, but the group’s cohesion is as strong as any band in the country right now.

The band are set to play at the White Night festival in Melbourne along with The Harpoons, Sampa The Great, Planète, Otologic and Harvey Sutherland. Before you catch their performance, have a read and listen below to what the band’s been listening to recently.


Faceless Burial – ‘Useless Seed’

“You can’t just sit around listening to Stareway and Expensive Dog forever. Get rid of it. Get out of the house. Of course all roads lead back to The Tote, to that boxy upstairs room, where you clench your teeth and squint into someone else’s maxed-out HiWatt stack, already back on the treadmill you were trying to get off. Trying to get off. Is catharsis real? What is metal? Max Kohane drums in this band.”

Tlaotlon – ‘Spetra’

“A marriage of two of my favourite things: Jeremy Coubrough’s diabolical loop experiments (all of them going at different speeds, all of them danceable, all at once) and Vancouver’s 1080p label (also the brainchild of a transplanted Kiwi). Last time I saw him throw down was at The Mercat a few weeks ago. He had to mix on CDJs, which he had never used before. One minute he was fumbling around trying to turn the thing on. The next minute, boom, best set ever.”

Powder – ‘Spray’

Michael Kucyk’s description of Powder’s debut record as being one of “world weird and alien electronics” was not only the finest slice of frontier grammar from a music enthusiast since The Negative Guest List, but also descriptive of the world I hope to live in one day: a distant utopia devoid of electric guitars. Powder is a woman from Tokyo who stays up all night every night kicking out exquisite jams like this one.”

Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘Am I Worth It?’

“You’ll cry.”

Tyrannamen – ‘Diamond Ring’

Stream this baby over at Noisey

“The only reason I didn’t cry when I first dropped the needle on ‘Diamond Ring‘ was I was pissed on Aperol and trying to sing. This is the best song in the world.”

Marcus Rimondini

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