06 Aug Trading Tunes with Gold Class

The Melbourne post-punk band Gold Class caught our attention in 2015 with a string of immediately striking singles, such as ‘Life As A Gun‘ and ‘Furlong‘, before releasing the sterling debut album It’s You.

Now the tightly entwined foursome are set to release their sophomore album Drum on Friday the 18th of August via Barely Dressed and Remote Control Records. ‘Twist In The Dark‘ is the first single and it proves that the band haven’t lost any of that tense chemistry. The lead singer Adam Curley has been quoted saying “at its core, it’s just something you can dance to,” which gives me a sense that the primal nature of the band took the reigns on this sophomore effort — and avoiding the traps of sounding formulaic and calculated is generally a positive step towards creating timeless post-punk.

You can pre-order Drum over here. Until then band member Evan Purdey has sent us five tunes he’s currently enjoying.

Drum by Gold Class track-list:
1. Twist In The Dark
2. Rose Blind
3. Get Yours
4. Trouble Fun
5. Bully
6. Thinking Of Strangers
7. We Were Never Too Much
8. Mercurian
9. Place We Go
10. Lux

The Walker Brothers – ‘Nite Flights’

“The suggested outline for this playlist was some kind of cohesive theme. I was thinking since we made quite a ‘nocturnal’ album, a ‘night-themed’ playlist would be suitable. This song is about as far as my fried imagination took me with that concept. I’ve been revisiting Scott Walker a bit lately after a couple of years off, and Nite Flights sounds positively chipper up against his recent output. It was all Mussolini and Elvis dreaming of 9/11 from here on out.”

The Bodies – ‘Lest We Forget’

“We toured with The Bodies in the UK last year and they blew us away. They’ve since gone on hiatus/been reborn as the formidable Culture CT, but they shall remain our partners in crime whatever guise they take. ‘Lest We Forget‘ is such a killer tune. That first yelp from Maxwell gets me every time. ”

RVG – ‘Vincent Van Gogh’

“I’m just one voice in a large chorus singing the praises of RVG lately (and I’ve already added them in a heap of playlists, so definitely at risk of repeating myself here) but A Quality Of Mercy has dominated my listening habits this year, in that ‘feels like I’ve known this music forever’ kind of way. Romy’s songwriting/guitar playing/stage presence is totally captivating.”

Carter Tutti ‎– ‘Coolicon’

“I love how alien everything sounds in this track, like some kind of Close Encounters transmission. I really loved the Carter Tutti Void records but it’d be exciting to hear a whole new album of this kinda stuff. I’m sure they’re entirely interested in my opinion of their career path.”

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids — ‘Rhapsody In Berlin (Part I & II)’

“Relentlessly good. Encountered this in the tour van earlier this year, another in a series of ‘Tour Manager randomly introduces crucial listening material.’”

Marcus Rimondini

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