01 Jun Trading Tunes with Gabriella Cohen

Back in 2016, Melbourne via Queensland musician Gabriella Cohen caught our attention with her album Full Closure and No Details. The album contained local community radio staples such as ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive‘ and ‘Sever The Walls‘ via a modern ’70s sound reminiscent of Girls, Foxygen or Smith Westerns, and female vocals somewhere between Jaala and Best Coast. Underneath the aforementioned sonic aesthetic comparisons, you could hear a songwriter with an ear for distinct melodies and strong song structures that really work.

That talent is evident on the first couple of singles from her upcoming new album Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love, out June 1st via Dot Dash / Remote Control and Captured Tracks. The production and journey combination of ‘Baby‘ is one of the finest experiences by anyone all year, especially the saucy tail end outro. The second single ‘Music Machine‘ is the classic dry summer road-tripping song, where your seats are reclined, your sunnies barely hanging on and it’s cruise control only.

As Gabriella Cohen grows in confidence, she’s really coming into her own and becoming a must follow. Luckily, she’s about to go on tour.

Tour Details
Friday the 8th of June at The Northern, Byron Bay NSW – FREE SHOW
Saturday the 16th of June – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD – Tickets
Friday the 22nd of June – Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC – Tickets
Saturday the 23rd June – Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne VIC – Tickets
Sunday the 24th June – Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC – Tickets
Friday the 29th June – Waywards, Sydney NSW – Tickets

Weyes Blood – ‘Used To Be’

“I have just recently discovered the power of Weyes Blood and I can only express how mesmerised I am by her music. Especially this song… It really is heart music… when I first heard the opening few bars it struck my heart as if I already knew it… It hangs high on string of heart wrenching, nostalgic melodies, not to mention fantastical arrangements of such classic calibre.. Big fan.”

Paul Simon – ‘Run That Body Down’

“I was in the Nambour Time Machine around 2011 and found Paul Simon’s self titled record for $2. I thought to myself ‘what a score’ and fell in love with the honest folk sounds Simon does only too well. His voice is like honey, to this day… I can’t believe he’s doing his farewell tour… I’d love to be in his band…..This song in particular is one of my favourites. Enjoy.”

Chico Buarque – ‘Funeral De Um Lavrador’

“My mother used to play a lot of Chico in the house when I was growing up, so he is like one of my musical fathers. The song title in English means ‘A Worker’s Funeral’…. Look up the lyrics and listen to his music if you haven’t already… he will make you dance and cry.”

Drugdealer ft. Weyes Blood – ‘The End Of Comedy’

“We met Drugdealer in a grocery store in Silverlake and wondered why he looked so familiar….Kate and I were like, oh what a nice dude. Then we looked up his music and thought ohhhhh.. wow!! I enjoy this song and this album very much…”

Connie Converse – ‘Talkin’ Like You (Two Tall Mountains)’

“‘You may think you left me all alone, but I can hear you talk without a telephone’. She’s like the long lost sister of Vashti Bunyan. I’ve just discovered Connie Converse and she’s breaking my heart. It’s written that after a decade into her slow music career, she jumped into her Volkswagen and drove away, never to be seen again.”

Leonard Cohen – ‘Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’

“This is a letter to a heart. Say no more. Leonard has a knowing and a profound understanding of lovers he articulates in his songs. Recommended for any human who struggles to meditate.”

Joni Mitchell – ‘California’

“I discovered this song a few weeks before I booked a flight to California. It was the theme song for the month to come of waiting…. and I was waiting to meet a lover…. so it was my love song of the month… Joni has a lot to be thanked for, an artist who has given so much to the arts. She is incredible… ”

The Jungle Giants – ‘Used To Be In Love’

“Proud to say I know these guys — and have seen what a solid hardworking band they are. I’ve been at a few of their concerts surrounded by crying screaming fans… total Beatlemania…. amazing, right? Congrats to The Jungle Giants for being a prolific independent band taking over the world and breaking teenage girls’ hearts one pop hit at a time.”

Marcus Rimondini

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