27 Jun Trading Tunes with Friendships

It’s not Summer anymore and sadly the festivals are long gone. Enter: Leaps and Bounds Music Festival, our saviour during Melbourne winter. There are plenty of live music shows throughout the colder months, but nothing quite brings that cross pollination of fans from different styles and genres like a music festival.

When it comes to artists who cross genres at the highest level, Friendships and Habits have earned a place a-top the list. They are playing a show together with BV and Wahe at The Night Cat on July 14th. If you’ve experienced these artists before, than you know how captivating the experience is. If you haven’t, buy tickets now.

To help get you hyped during pre-drinks before the show, Friendships have sent us five of their current favourite tunes.

Other Places – ‘T.R.N.’

IT Records pull a biggie with this slice of absolute class from Taipan Tiger Girls drummer Mat Watson AKA Other Places. This track sounds expensive. It evolves and flicks with perfect kineticism. It’s the kind of track you wish you wrote. Huuuuuge banger!!”

Nitzer Ebb – ‘Control I’m Here’

“I love to have a few late night glasses of bubbles with Miles Brown and let him fill my brain with his insanely massive knowledge about everything. This came from one of those nights (along with everything currently in our DJ set lol). ‘Drinking with Miles Brown’ should be a class you take at Melbourne University when you study Music History.”

Habits of Hate – ‘Limelight Roles’

“I know nothing about this group. I found this two track release when I was digging for bangers in my itunes. I tried to find more and couldn’t find an effing thing. If anyone knows anything HMU!! Miles Brown??!?”

Dead Sound & Videohead – ‘Fuck TV’


Gold Class – ‘Twist In The Dark (friendships remix)’

“I’ve been a massive fan of Gold Class for a good long time. They are incred live, incred recorded and such beautiful fellas. I was honoured when the cuties asked us to remix their banger “Twist in the Dark”. The remix is a bit of a longy, but effin worth it I swear!! Find yourself a big sound system, chuck it on and neck a bottle of prosecco. toot toot!!”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter