01 Feb Trading Tunes with Free Time


Free Time is a project of Dion Nania from Melbourne, the lineup around him rotating depending on whether he’s here in Melbourne or back in New York. The current lineup for his second album, In Search Of Free Time, includes Marty Frawley (Twerps), Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild) and Joe Alexander (Terrible Truths), making Free Time currently the most in-form super group in Melbourne.

Free Time caught our attention in 2013 with the release of the single ‘Nothin But Nice‘, a track that would go on to place at #34 in our The Top 100 Melbourne Tracks, 2011-2015 post. Their latest single ‘Who Owns The Moon?‘ lives up to the hype of the newly-formed super group. While we wait for the full length album to be released later this year via Bedroom Suck in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and via Underwater Peoples internationally, have a read and a listen to which local tunes Dion Nania has been listening to recently.


The Garbage & the Flowers – ‘Sandy Skies’

The Garbage and The Flowers operate on The Garbage and The Flowers time, which is why there are gems like this (from, I’m guessing, early to mid ’90s) coming out this year – hopefully.”

Blue Chemise – ‘Abstract Gaze’

“Trapped in futuristic Boiler Room vibes.”

The Shifters – ‘Captain Hindsight’

“Enjoy this cool track from the debut cassette of The Shifters, a new band from Melbourne.”

Great Outdoors – ‘I Look Back’

“Zach from all of your favourite bands has a new project to add to your favourite bands list. The album’s out in a few months, do yourself a favour.”

Mad Nanna – ‘My Two Kids’

“Great song, great video. This is Mad Nanna‘s ‘Hotel California‘.”


Marcus Rimondini

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