13 Nov Trading Tunes with Ella Thompson

We’ve been curiously following the progression of Ella Thompson since her days with The Bamboos, then Dorsal Fins and her solo music, which produced the very underrated track ‘Taller‘. Ella has been without a doubt one of the most talented singers in Australia this decade, always leaving you feeling like she’s just one song away from really breaking out big. Her most recent project GL with Graeme Pogson (one third of Harvey Sutherland) has produced her most hook-filled body of work so far. The consistency of GL leads me to believe that the duo have real staying power, more evident than ever in their most recent track ‘Reflect‘. Not only is it GL’s strongest work to date, but arguably Australia’s song of the year — or one that’ll at least place very high on our end of year Top 100 list.

‘Reflect’ is like a classic episode of The Simpsons, it sounds like multiple great ideas tightly woven seamlessly together. Most ordinary songs dream of having just 1 of the many hooks in ‘Reflect’. I always say an artist is in great form when it feels like they’re in total control, just messing with the audience and making them beg for more, while dazzling in their own world. That’s exactly the feeling I get during ‘Reflect’, as though there may have been more brilliant ideas in the studio, but they decided to cap the song at just under 8 minutes and save some of those ideas for other tracks. So instead of the ’80s retro novelty wearing off from GL, I think they’re in fact transcending into their own new world around the corner, or at least I hope.

Ella Thompson will be performing a GL track with The EG Allstars Band at TheAge Music Victoria Awards After Party on the 22nd of November. To get you excited Ella has sent us five of her favourite 2017 songs from Australia and New Zealand (so far), of which three artists are fittingly Victorian. The lineup also includes Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, Gold Class, Cable Ties and more!

Here’s a link to the tickets: Click Here

Nai Palm – ‘Homebody’

“This song broke my heart on first listen. So beautiful to hear Nai’s voice intimately like this. The lyrics are stunning, I love songs that don’t give it away until the last line. This song is my favourite from the tremendous new album Needle Paw.”

Aldous Harding – ‘Elation’

Aldous is a class act. She tells and we listen. We listen because we need this right now. Storytelling at its finest and most unique.”

Saskwatch – ‘Fortress’

“With a sea of new artists coming on the scene every year, let us appreciate the artists that are KILLING it on album four! ‘Fortress’ is one of my favourites from Saskwatch’s new album Manual Override, fitted out with lush arrangements and a close vocal by queen Nkechi Anele — may the band continue to ride!”

Kaiit – ‘2000 n Somethin’

“When undeniable talent appears the rivers make way. I love this chiller song from Kaiit, reminiscent of Aaliyah, Jill Scott and Soulquerians vibe. Her energy is inspiring, I can’t wait to see where she’s heading.”

Jonti ft. Sampa The Great – ‘Island Rose’

“Have been waiting for Jonti’s new album Tokorats for a loooooong time and gosh it is good. He is bringing the joy back to electronic music, uplifting and hard hitting. Two of the best innovators in Hip-Hop team up on this song..Sampa The Great almighty! What a year of incredible music she has had.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter