27 Sep Trading Tunes with Doona Waves

Earlier this month Melbourne band Doona Waves sent us their video for ‘Cool Change‘. It immediately won us over with one of the catchiest guitar hooks of the year, it’s friendly vocals and breezy summer feels.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the track was uploaded earlier in the year so we couldn’t add it to the weekly playlist which consists of only music released over the past two months. We’ve wanted to spread the word about Doona Waves ever since.

After chatting with the band, they sent through their nostalgia-themed Trading Tunes selection with each member contributing a track. It’s a good insight into perhaps what sounds will influence them when they record their debut EP in November.

Before then however, you can catch them playing for free at one of the Tom Tom Tuesday night events at Howler in Melbourne on November 1st. If you can’t make that, then they’re also playing at The Tote in Melbourne for Bitch Diesels residency on November 13th.

Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls – ‘Adelaide’

Tom: This song reminds me of sitting in the back of the cream coloured ’96 apollo family car on the annual 8 hour drive to Adelaide, my Dad’s hometown, for Christmas. It’s a pretty sad song but certainly brings back nice memories.

Bobby Herb & Ron Carter – ‘Sunny’

Mia: My family played this song all throughout the house when my little sister Sunny was born in Byron, 1999. There’s heaps of versions but this is my favourite, it has a really special build up and the classiest key changes imaginable.

North by North – ‘The Bats’

Will: I first heard North by North at my parents house while watching the title sequence for the ABC’s political comedy/drama series, The Hollowmen back in 2008. Hilarious show. The four-to-the-floor kick drum and driving riff grabbed me instantly in the shows 20 second intro. Gives me the feeling of travel.

Mazzy Star – ‘Fade Into You’

Bella: This song was played a lot around my household as a kid. But there was a large gap during my teen years where I steered away from my parents music. It’s just in the recent couple of years that i’ve started listening to it again on my own accord, and now every time I do, it brings back such nice nostalgic vibes. It’s definitely my go to tune when I feel like reminiscing over the past.

Crystal Stilts – ‘Converging In The Quiet’

Jimmy: Back when I lived in Brisbane I’d just moved into a house with a bunch of good mates. It was a beat up old place that used to shake every time someone was having a good time in the privacy of their room, with a back door that mysteriously opened onto nothing but a 4 metre drop to the backyard. We used to sit in the sun with legs dangling out the door and a coffee or beer depending on the time of day. This song was playing a lot. good mates, good times.


Marcus Rimondini

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