09 Feb Trading Tunes with Daydreams

The wizard trio behind the fantastic Daydreams parties are DJing at By The Meadow festival between the 6th-8th of April. The line-up is already stacked with awesome live bands throughout a variety of genres, and so having the Daydreams DJs spin tunes in the night is the perfect cherry on top.

There’s only 700 tickets remaining, so you know By The meadow will sell out soon. Especially once you hear Daydreams’ selections for their Trading Tunes feature. The theme is “a bunch of tracks from the 80s, plus a new one from a guy we love that also loves the 80s.”

By The Meadows Line-Up – Click Here for Tickets!


Rainbow Team – ‘Dreaming’

“Daydreams, dur.”

J.C. Barreto – ‘Dr. Love’

“Absolute funk/boogie bomb.”

Taboo – ‘Self Service (Give me some sugar give me banana)’

“So much amazing stuff from South Africa in the 80s – hard to just choose one, to be honest.”

Jex Opolis – ‘Infinity Room’

“A track off Human Emotion, Jexy’s new record on his own label, Good Timin’. Love you, Jexy.”

Hamid El Shaeri – ‘Ayonha’

“Off a compilation of songs from the Arabic world in the 70s and 80s. Habibi Funk, check it out.”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter