25 Oct Trading Tunes with Crepes

The Melbourne via Ballarat chillers Crepes released their debut album Channel Four last Friday through Spunkand they’ve sent us five tracks that were inspirational during the making of the album. Channel Four is about as sunny sounding as you could get in 2017, making the just-before-summer release perfect timing. No doubt, it’ll be an album of choice for many upcoming road trips.

Lead singer Tim Karmouche constructs songs that help you ease anxiety and keep your heart rate at a healthy pace. There’s no hidden agendas or self-indulgence, Crepes are the honest nice guys, who bring the right amount of vibrancy and spark to avoid being the boring nice guys or the crazy nice guys. The best example of this is the instrumental title track, that both feels like a carefully constructed piece of music and also an improvisational jam session. A fine line Crepes consistently ride perfectly throughout Channel Four.

Crepes will be launching the album in Melbourne, Sydney and their home town of Ballarat:
Fri Nov 10 – The Eastern, Ballarat
Sat Nov 11 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thurs Dec 7 – Waywards, Sydney

Mort Garson – ‘Plantasia’

“Plantasia is one for the soul as well as the plants. This album has an extremely beautiful warmth & simplicity to it with incredible synth tones. Good to listen to while lying on the floor.”

Haroumi Hosono – ‘Coral Reef’

“I traveled to Japan in the middle of making Channel Four, when I was over there I discovered Haroumi Hosono. I was lucky enough to track down a couple of his records when I was over there.”

Mental As Anything – ‘Nips Are Getting Bigger’

“I discovered Mental As Anything a little later in life & my mind was absolutely blown. I think we identify with them as a band because we are also dorks who write uncool & cheesy pop. We covered this song once. Reg Mombassa is a lord.”

Onyeka – ‘African Woman (Instrumental)’

“This song is the ultimate jam.”

Graham Nash – ‘Better Days’

“From a lovely album. We were going for this 70’s studio rock kind of production when making Channel Four.”

Marcus Rimondini

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