29 Aug Trading Tunes with Corin

Corin is truly unique talent. Beyond the realms of Corin’s frenetic sci-fi synthesiser landscape, the artist is also the keyboardist in Rainbow Chan, generating hook after hook. Her Virtuality EP last year brought something different to the Australian music scene, part Perturbator, part Emeralds, part AraabMuzik. The Virtuality EP felt as though Corin was only just entering another dimension, yet to fully explore the parameters of this new world.

Corin is a reminder that electronic music doesn’t need to be dancey, or ambient, or part of a new-wave revival. It can also be challenging, thought provoking and inspiring in many other ways. You can catch Corin on August 31st thanks to the Red Bull Sound Select event at the The Toff in Melbourne with NO ZU and Various Assess.

Corin: “Here are some of my favourite soundtracks from sci-fi films from the past three years. They are all very different scores but I think there are some underlying similarities in they way they draw attention to the uncanny, cerebral aspects of the narratives within the films. Synths have always been imagined as the ‘sound of the future’ in sci-fi — it’s interesting to see how these sounds continue to be reimagined.”

Alien Covenant Original Soundtrack – Jed Kurzel

Under the Skin Original Soundtrack – Mica Levi

Ex Machina Original Soundtrack – Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow

Morgan Original Soundtrack – Max Richter

The Void Original Soundtrack – various


Marcus Rimondini

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