02 Aug Trading Tunes with CC:DISCO!

In this edition of Trading Tunes we had a chat with Melbourne radio and DJ veteran CC:DISCO! – one of the most respected voices in the country when it comes to house and disco music. Between playing almost every festival in the country and hosting Smoke and Mirrors on PBS FM, she’s found the time to send us her fiveĀ of her favourite ’80s tunes.

You can catch her alongside Funkineven, Damiano Von Erckert, Darshan Jesrani, Otologic, Edd Fisher, Jnett, Simon Caldwell, Babicka, Ben Fester, Prequel, Adi Toohey, Andee Frost and many more at up the upcoming Fuego Revolutions series of club events, presented by Bacardi in Sydney and Melbourne this month.
LINK: BACARDl Fuego Revolutions – 01 w/ Funkineven aka Steven Julien // Simon Caldwell B2B JNETT + CC:DISCO!


Richie Rome – ‘Deep’

“I love this record. Most people know Richie Rome from the being the man behind The Ritchie Family, but he was actually producing lots of other music under a couple of aliases. “Deep” has to be the pick from this record also titled Deep. It’s so ’80s with a full classical music style arrangement, then add some synth and a talkbox and welcome to the ’80s ay.”

Thelma Houston – ‘You Used To Hold Me’

“How about that time Thelma [Houston] turned around and ditched the disco for a bit and made AMAZING boogie. This has to be my favourite Thelma tune, the raw emotion on this matched with the sax is out of this world. A slow jam yes, but played at the right moment on the dance floor, it’s incredible in a club.”

Larry Heard – ‘Stars’

Larry Heard, basically one of the most influential producers of house music was always way ahead of his time. Larry, much like the Japanese producers from the late ’70s, early ’80s, was a leader in this field creating music you could release today. Timeless tunes. Larry was, and always will be known for being a pioneer of house music. From tunes like this to “What About This Love“, his depth in his productions are so inspiring, and you can hear real emotion in his music.

The System – ‘Almost Grown’

“Having only recently come across this record, this is a really good example of how broad an artist was in the ’80s. You got some songs sounding like Tame Impala, and then a bunch more sounding like they came straight from Larry Heard. Amazing record which is being repressed from Jamie Tiller‘s label Music from Memory.”

Kimiko Kasai – ‘I Felt Ya Glancin’

“Let’s end on the high note, a tune you will have stuck in your head for days on end with the ‘bow bow ba bow”. Recently in Japan, I was hoping to come across a few of these and certainly came back with two (just in case). UPBEAT as hell and it’s a joy to play out. “Ba ba baaa bow ba ba ba bowwww” Its fun, cheesy as hell, but a tune’s a tune right?”


Marcus Rimondini

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