04 Nov Trading Tunes with Brooke Powers

Since Brooke Powers played at Golden Plains earlier this year, she has been one of the busiest DJs in Australia through winter, only taking a brief break to visit the Berlin scene in the middle of the year.

Brooke’s main gig is the Spank! event at Hugs & Kisses (now The Gasometer), that is always action packed from the get go. Before the festival season really kicks off, she’s playing at Disco Dingo on Cup Eve, where 100% of the profits from the event go on to help The Purple House, a not for profit organisation that focuses on delivering vital health services to remote communities in Central Australia.

After that, Brooke will play five days later at the Peel Street Festival. Peel Street Festival is all ages from midday until 8pm. It also features art, activities, and a kid’s park. It’s amazingly free with a lineup that really should cost at least 50 dollars. If you’re wondering why it’s free, it’s because the festival is designed to bring the vastly diverse community together within Collingwood and nearby neighbourhoods.

Until Brooke Powers throws down her staple enraptured techno at both of these events, she has sent us six tunes she loves to play when DJing; some of her all time favourite tracks she’s ever played.

Upcoming shows:
Monday November 6th – Disco Dingo (Purple House Fundraiser) @ The Grace Darling, Collingwood.
Saturday November 11th – Peel Street Festival, Collingwood.

Drew Sky – ‘Razzmatazz’

Drew Sky is one of my all time fave producers, this is the first track of his I fell in love with, I used to listen to it on repeat when I first came across it. I have made a considerable effort in collecting his whole discography, a slow process, everything he touches is so up my alley. This track has an uplifting disco edit vibe, but his harder tracks are just as delicious. Tracks like ‘Modern Melodies‘, ‘Wigged Out‘ and ‘Night Games‘.”

Namby Pamby – ‘Girlz (M.B.S Queer Mix Part 1&2)’

“This track is amongst the first generation of records I ever bought, when I was obsessed with labels like TRIBAL America, Junior Boy’s Own and D-Vision. I started out collecting 90s US Garage, because I loved it and it was damn cheap to order from Discogs! Namby Pamby is such a special find, they made so many feel-good, queeny tracks. This one, ‘Girlz‘, is just so much fun on the dancefloor.”

Jordan Fields – ‘Hear Musique’

“Another forever fave of mine – Jordan Fields. Sometimes I get a bit sick of disco edits, but this track has this relentless crunchy beat throughout it which adds this kind of screwed up quality to the genre, which of course is my vibe. Honourable mentions of his: ‘I Wanna Thank U‘, ‘Acid Atmosphere‘, ‘We Can Make It‘. “

Paul Johnson – ‘Its House’

“What else to say about this tune other than listen to it and behold its genius! Thank you Mr Johnson!”

Project Sound – ‘Sweet In The Morning (The Morning Mix)’

“Thank Goddess for this record! If you feel like you need to really grab back the dancefloor’s attention, this is the track to drop, it goes off!”

Romatt – ‘Love On My Mind’

“One of the prized jewels of my collection. Amongst the most uplifting of uplifting vocal bangers. I couldn’t believe this track when I first bought this record, couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard a million other DJs play it every weekend. Perfect end of the night uniting tune. Play this one loud, feel those goosebumps!”

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter