25 Oct Trading Tunes with Body Type

The lo-fi dreamers Body Type from Sydney caught my attention immediately a year ago with ‘Ludlow‘ — its contrast of nostalgia and electric energy make it a rare example of introverted and extroverted song-writing combined. The follow up ‘264‘ displayed their ability to cut the pace in half and still be just as engaging, a beautiful Shoegaze ballad with a mini Explosions In The Sky kind of finish. However, their latest track ‘Silver‘ is the tightest, fullest and most defined Body Type song. They’re still defining their output, but there’s a thrust in ‘Silver’ you often hear in hungry bands that are edging closer and closer to nailing their unique sound.

We’re not the only ones intrigued by Body Type’s future. Sugar Mountain festival have booked them for next year’s event on the 20th of January, but if you’re in Sydney, you can actually catch them next month opening for another favourite of ours this year — RVG at Oxford Art Gallery on the 2nd of November.

Body Type’s theme for their Trading Tunes is “Videos featuring iconic silver things”.

Pond – ‘Paint Me Silver’

“Iconic CGI silver dancing digi-morphsuit family.”

Soft Hair – ‘Lying Has To Stop’

“Iconic silver foil seduction chamber walls.”

Madonna – ‘Fever’

“The most iconic of icons Lord Madonna – silver edition.”

Sonic Youth – ‘Kool Thing’

Kim Gordon iconic silver two-piece crop suit (and the OG silver foil walls).”

Kate Bush – ‘Babooshka’

Kate Bush iconic powerhouse silver metal bikini.”

Bjork – ‘Oceania’

Bjork covered in very expensive iconic silver sparkles.”

Marcus Rimondini

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