21 Jun Trading Tunes with Biscotti

Carla Ori is the genius behind the Melbourne avant-pop group Biscotti. However, it’s evident Biscotti focused more on the avant than the pop on their 2017 debut album Like Heaven In The Movies.

Outside of maybe ‘Instamatic‘ that builds around the lyrics more than any other track, the rest of the album explores moods, spaces and dimensions, all in order to twist, challenge and open your mind to any idea that comes from Biscotti. There’s Depeche Mode ’80s funk meets late 2000’s indie-rivival on ‘Soda Pop‘. ‘Jeanie Brown‘ is scattered like a child full of sugar, dancing with an off-kilter tempo. Trip-Hop carries the momentum of ‘Luciano’s Jalopi‘, while ‘Fantastico‘ trips you into another world entirely. Carla never overloads the palette of colourful ideas, ‘Cognac‘ is the perfect example of stripping it back and letting the air breathe between the notes, like the white walls of a gallery, letting you process the art installations. Biscotti even throw in some political humor in the final track hilariously titled ‘Leave The Gun Take The Cannoli‘.

You can catch Biscotti at the ScienceworksParty Beyond’ this Friday the 22nd of June. You can also catch Pillow Pro and Future Fosil perform with the added option to explore all the science around you. Click over here for bookings: Scienceworks

Kali Uchis – ‘After the Storm’

“Current favourite new pop star and favourite album of 2018 to date. Damn, I don’t know where to start. Of course it is her voice which is the first thing that sounds out, but you start to look at the list of people that she is collaborating with and the aesthetic of her video clips and you need a serviette to wipe the drool from your mouth. This clip in particular is just soo up Biscotti alley in terms of aesthetic and quirkiness. ”

Khruangbin – ‘Evan Finds the Third Room’

“‘We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don’t need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed.’ – Josh King
What a genius idea for a fun video clip. Discovered this group recently through a friend. I love the weird wig thing they have going on (see live videos or photos of the group). The group were originally inspired by Thai Psychedelic tunes from the 70’s, a little like my other band Empat Lima were with their Indonesian garage pop obsession.

Kadhaj Bonet – ‘Mother Maybe’

“I have consciously been tuning into a lot more female singers recently as a form of listening practice to expand my own vocal skills. I know little about this woman so far but apparently she plays all the parts on her record like I do, so we have something in common. I’m loving her arrangements and vocal lines.”

Sun Ra – ‘Lanquidity’

“My first Sun Ra album. Avant-garde. Meeting Marshall Allen.
I list this album specifically because it was the first album of Sun Ra that I listened to and somehow when an artist strikes you so much it is this first impression that stays with you. I’ve always loved the avant-garde and people who challenge the status quo, who are living on the edge with their ideas. The Sun Ra Arkestra recently came to Melbourne, I hadn’t planned to go, yeah a bunch of old dudes playing old tunes and Sun Ra isn’t even alive anymore. A friend happened to be hanging out with some of the members and invited me to join. Long story short, we spent the next three days hanging out, they put me on the door for all their shows and were just super excited to jam with anyone. Marshall Allen, the last standing original member, is touring at 94 years of age. His message to us was ‘We made this music for you, for the people of the 21st century!’”

Pavarotti – ‘Ave Maria’

“Our modern world is a stressful place, so why not a little soothing opera to calm the mind.
There was a lot of Pavarotti present in the the background of my childhood, my father would play his albums on repeat and often when we were on a car trip. Perhaps it is this association that transforms me to a peaceful place. His voice in combination with imagery of the countryside landscape passing by my back seat window.”

Marcus Rimondini

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