17 Apr Trading Tunes with Baby Blue

Baby Blue caught my attention in the most Melbourne way possible, on the RRR radio station. The single ‘New Girlfriend‘ hit me with an immediate riff, and with that playful lyric “But I, I, I, I, I know how to dance,” I knew it would instantly become a Spotify playlist go-to at any social event.

I then saw Baby Blue perform live, and it was very clear that this is a band with a lot of sharp talent across the board and Rhea Caldwell is the ship’s captain. On one of their new singles ‘Fire And Ice‘, the band compares to ’90s bands like Blur or The Breeders as well as more recent pysch-rock bands like Wooden Ships or Night Beats. Baby Blue lures you in almost hypnotically, and before you know it, your mind is drifting off to the far corners of your imagination. The other new single ‘I Like You‘ goes even further back with its comparisons to ’80s bands like The Bangles or Pat Benatar, but thankfully far less cheesy/glossy with the guitars popping more like ‘I Wanna Be Adored‘ by Stone Roses.

Their obvious talent and this wide range of artist comparisons is what makes Baby Blue more interesting than your average rock n roll band. Fittingly, music from different decades is also Rhea’s theme for Baby Blue’s Trading Tunes.

Rhea of Baby Blue:
“5 of my favourite live performances that I never ‘really’ saw.”

The Motels – ‘Total Control’

Martha Davis is completely badass. Look at her smoking that cigarette. I love the lyrics to this song and the sax solo. She’s incomparable and so bloody powerful and confidant.”

Talking Heads – ‘Psycho Killer’

David Byrne is so incredible and his vision for his performances and band were groundbreaking. I wish I got to go to this show. It’s flawless.”

Patti Smith – ‘Free Money’

“Words are fairly unnecessary here, but WHAT A WOMAN!”

Barbara Lynn – ‘You’ll lose a Good Thing’

“I love the honesty in the lyrics and Barbara’s style of playing guitar. I really love songs that have a simple message and this one rings so true.”

Mazzy Star – ‘Fade Into You’

“Mazzy, Mazzy, what a humble star. Truely inspirational to watch.”

Marcus Rimondini

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